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I was concidering a pathfinder looks like I will be going with an explorer, who do you think you are.
Bill Evans

IF it is true that UZI NISSAN has a rightful claim to 'Nissan' as an address, and IF it is true that Nissan Motors is trying to take it away, I demand that you cease and desist.  I have been a loyal owner of vehicles made by Nissan Motors in the past, but if these allegations turn out to be true, I will no longer be a loyal Nissan vehicle owner.  Please do the right thing.  Nissan Motors has enough advertisement by paying for it without having to steal it.
Ken Schell

Nissan Motor Co.: you are acting like a big crybaby.  Just because someone registered the name "Nissan" first.  It's not like another car business selling cars under the same name.  It's a computer company.  How dare you try to bring a small business down.  Leave him alone!!  Bullies!  He's not hurting you in any way! I own a Nissan 200SX SE-R at the present moment, but I can tell you I won't be buying another Nissan - EVER!  And neither will any of my family and friends when I inform them of this ridiculous lawsuit.  Come on!  It's the guy's LAST name!  It's not like he just picked "Nissan" thinking the well-known name would sell his products.  YOU should be sued for using HIS name to sell products.  How would you like that?  You mean to tell me people can't use their own names in business anymore?  I don't think so!
Kelly McKim

Nissan Motor Company, stop stepping on the toes of little people. Instead of tying up money on such a fruitless endeavor why isn't this money going into research & dev.? I am not going to make my next car purchase a Nissan if you go through with this!
Patrick Mulloy

I find this to be a case that the corporation is trying to step on the little guy.  This is the man's surname and he was born with that name.  There is no way some one should be able to take that away from him.  I know that Nissan Motors was previously DATSUN.  It is not like the company first had rights to the name.  I find this to be unorthodox.  I own a Nissan Maxima and an Infiniti built by Nissan.  But from this recent story I am thinking of not purchasing another one.  I am outraged to find out a car company I trust could act this way.  This is a sad action and I hope Mr. Nissan is the victor in the end.
Vijita U. G.

You snooze, you lose.  If your company was any good you would have registered this name, before Uzi Nissan.  He is quite right to retain it, and you only have yourselves to blame!!  Why don't you try sueing every individual whoms telephone number ends '647726', because this spells NISSAN.
Andrew Morgan

The fact that a multi-national corporation can expect to bully someone's namesake is ethically wrong and poor business judgement.  Try or  Tough luck to them.  They know better than most that it's a dog eat dog world and the quickest, not the biggest, win.
David Moyal

This is just another indication of how a big company can misuse there wealth and power and infinite laywers to take what they want and hurt and damage other people and companies in there way. This is sad that we allow this to happen in this country if you owned the and net urls they should be yours since they were used for your business and sole purpose of promoting your business since you had them first and this is your last name this suit is perposterous & ubsurd and if they win I feel sorry for all of us and the laws in these United States of America.
Ken Bradley

I hope the Nissan Motor Co. loses the case and is  reprimanded by the court, by a large financial penalty.
Joe Keast

This is an interesting case and I've just learned about it and don't know all the facts. However, from what I have read, the courts will have to determine whether properiety rights have been violated. Since the name has been in his family for generations, that would not be hard to prove. Especially since the Nissan Corp name was born I think around the late 70's or early 80's. He was born with it, not taken from others. There is no trademark infringment. If anything, Nissan Corp would be infringing upon Mr. Nissan. As far as the domain name, Mr. Nissan registered that name first and I'm sure the courts will rule, "You snooze, you lose." The fact Mr. Nissan had the forsight to register first puts him in a good position vice the other way around. Even if Nissan Corp tries to flood Mr. Nissan with paperwork, (A tactic most law firms use to bankrupt defendants) he will never lose his domain name as it cost nothing to renew it. If that is the case, and the courts find in favor of Mr. Nissan, perhaps he can get restitution, but that would be pittance to the Nissan Corp. If the name was registered properly and accepted by the site with no rules, restriction or fraud at the time, then I say Nissan Corp swollow your pride and leave Mr. Nissan alone so that his generation and the many to follow can live in peace.

Cut the crap folks you don't own all the Nissan surnames in the world, leave small business alone or suffer the consequences of your actions.
Mel Woods

Corporations are going too far!  There is no reason Nissan Computer should be sued for having been quicker and more savvy.  Nissan Motors, take a flying leap!
Carlos Trevino

Please drop this insane lawsuit against Mr. Nissan and his family!  What is next insight for you?  Lower-class, middle, America who is barely hanging on to their style of living?  Please reconsider what you are trying to accomplish!
Gwendolyn Latiola

I think that Nissan Motor Company should abandon their ridiculous lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation. Failing that, I think the courts should act quickly and decisively to shut down the ridiculous suit. Perhaps other corporations will get the message that the courts will not tolerate using the system as a means for bankrupting and harrassing small businesses and individuals.
Steve Moore

I support the computer company in this case. Nissan motors should take the running jump.
Chi Chung

You snoose you lose, You were smart enough to register you address first, and it is your last name, who are they to try and change it? I can only imagine what this is costing you, and would cost if you had to chnge your address. Keep fighting!!!
Karen Latuszek

I side with Nissan Computer Corp. in this situation.  Nissan Motor Co. should "wise up" and realize that consumers do not appreciate these attempts at strong-arming people. Everyone I know will be made aware of Nissan Motor Co.'s gangster-style business practices.
F. C. Brandt

First come first serve.  If you at NISSAN had listened to your technical department when they first started talking about the net and its impact, maybe you could have rightfully registered it when the name was available.  Instead you jumped on the band wagon like all the other megacorporations; clueless, and definitely a few years too late, and are willing to destroy and hurt those individuals and smaller companies who were more resourceful then yourself.  Grow up!

I think it is digusting simply taking a domain name and causing a company to bankrupt, just because one firm is bigger. This is simply bullying.
Chris Laskowski

The Nissan computer co. had the name first and should have a right to use it.  I am sick and tired of mega corp America mowing down  the small business and running them out of business.  Where in the H--- would these same corporations be if some company had mowed them down when just getting started.  There is enough market for everyone if a choice few weren't so greedy.
Cecelia Iseminger

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