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While it is unfortunate that Nissan Motor Co. was not intelligent enough to realize that the internet was going to become such a force in the world as it is, it is no excuse for there actions as I understand them. Their frivolous lawsuit is revealing in there nature and I will encourage anyone I know to boycott their product and all related business. There is no excuse for corporate greed making changes to our legal system wich will be even more costly in the future if such things are made legal.
Floyd Morse

This guy beat you to a name that he has a right to use and you are trying to essentially steal it from him.  Nissan motors is not a good enough name?
Grow up! - Don't think I will buy a car from your company. - Wont happen.
Dan Poff

I am, as it so happens, in the market for a used car. Thank you for bringing this case to my attention as the final vehicals I was deciding between are Nissan and Toyota.  Due to this unfair  lawsuit I'll be buying the toyota (the cars were pretty even, i guess i just needed an excuse to swing one way or the other).  Thanks Uzi Nissan, although I'm sorry to here about your undeserved trouble, you made my buying decision alot easier.  And shame on you Nissan, who I first knew as Datsun, don't blame your lack of a marketable public image on some poor guy with the same last name as the one you guys just chose in the mid-eighties.
Ken Hatch

Nissan the car maker is doing a very wrong a small business owner - I shall keep this in mind when I have a choice between a Nissan product and another...
Amit Gupta

This is absolutely ridiculous! How can you fight a man because he used HIS own last name for a domain name? Have you no respect for our names? Our ancestors? I proudly use my last name in everything that I do online, every page I make, and will be damned if someone tried to take it from me! Maybe this man should sue you for taking his family's name and making a profit with it?  Do you not make enough money that you have to sue 1 man over his last name? 1 man! You should be ashamed of your money-grubbing selves!  I hope that Nissan Computers win and you lose profits because of your greediness!  By the way, I never liked Nissan's products anyway! And I do believe I will check out what Nissan Computer can do for me, and I will pass the word along to all my friends, and I have many being in the military.  In one way or another your company will be punished for being greedy, It is one of the 7 deadly sins is it not?
Jodie Craft

I am appaled at the tactics used by the Nissan Motor Comapny against a small business.  As another writer mentioned in an earlier message, it was not too long ago that the name that was used to market the motor vehicles was Datsun.  I believe that the Nissan Motor Comapny should back off while the story is still not known by the majority of the fair-minded public.  Otherwise your bank managers will be pretty upset by the fact that your projected vehicle sales have not materialised.
Chandra Seneviratne - Darwin, Australia

I thought the rules were quite clear; the first to register an internet name "owned" that name.  If what you are saying is true and you are not presenting yourself as nissan motors of Japan, then I can't imagine the motor company can stop you from using your net address.  Of course with all the ass kissing that clinton and gore do to anyone with money from the orient, you better hope the clinton clone doesn't get elected.

I think that the Nissan Computer Co. has the right to do as they wish with their registered domain name. Why should they be forced to give up the name they legaly registered? Besides, as Mr. Uzi Nissan's name describes, they can't put a "trademark infringement" label on that.
Mario Andone

I do not believe that Nissan owns the Nissan name.  If someone began a Nissan Automobile Company I would be opossed to it.  If Nissan Computers must change its name I will email the 20,000 members and tell them what Nissan is doing to this little guy.  If I do not have correct information please let me know.
Yours Sincerely,
R. Dale Shaw
P.S. You make fine autos and you need have no fear.

Aloha to both parties.
I too run an ISP, along with registering and maintaining  domains for interested clients. I do not hourde domain names, and greatly abhor the practice.  I am not an attorney, and I do not play one on TV, so the following should not be construed as legal advice of any kind, shape, fashion or form.  If the Nissan Motor Co. has filed a suit, attempting to acquire someone else's intellectual property, knowing the conditions, rules, laws and general practices of business on the internet, and in international trade, then, in my humble opinion, Nissan Motor Co. has KNOWINGLY filed a frivolous suit, or, their attorneys should go back to law school. It might possibly be a case of the Nissan Motor Co. attorneys just wanting job security, with BOTH Nissan companies picking up the tab.  If ANY of the possibilities listed above are true, it could be very detrimental to the business reputation of Nissan Motor Co.  I, as an internet business professional, and concerned citizen of these "United States of America", will spread the truth of the actions of both parties.  Nissan Motor Company's un-professional actions go against the "spirit" of America, and the Web, and by filing a frivolous lawsuit, could possibly open itself up to potential criminal prosecution, damaging it's own hard earned reputation.  After reading about the Nissan Motor Company's actions against Nissan Computer Corp; I have whole heartedly decided to not purchase a Nissan motorcar....ever....and will recommend, based on the "corporate giant" attitude that they are currently openly exhibiting to the whole wide world, that NO-ONE else should either.  I pray that Nissan Motor Co. will be of strong enough convictions in their position regarding this unfortunate matter, that they will respond to my writings, in writing. Their position may be too weak though.  I also pray that Nissan Motor Co. will recognise their own ineptness regarding the pace at which this industry(computers/internet) conducts it's business, and as the saying goes, "bite the bullet" regarding the obviously widely used "Nissan" name, and drop the suit.  Nissan Motor Co. may have been late in getting on board, I just hope and pray that they don't sink their own ship now that they are.  At this point in the process, I wish good fortune to Nissan Computer Corp, and good riddance to Nissan Motor Co.
Robert Hugh Garner

Get a life...Stop bullying around others and have a little dignity for your company name!!!
C. Ramani

Domain names are first come first serve, Nissan motors are acting like rich brats spoiled by their parents there proper recourse would have been to purchase Mr. Nissans name or whole business not to try to break him.
Michael L. Black

Apparently the Lawyers at Nissan car works have too much time on there hands.  I have my names trademarked and I have several LLC and Corporations listed in California, but it is the Trade mark and service marks that I keep an eye on.  I have seen several sites that are listed as RIV and RIV services along with several companies listed as Reflections in Video, which is the parent company.  I had located all the companies that are using my names, droppend them a note letting them know that they are using "registered" names, but as long as they are not in the same line of work that I am in, enjoy!  I am sure that Nissan isn't as upset about you using the name as much as they are upset that you got before they did.
As the new year arrives, all I can say is. L'Shanah Tovah Tikateivu - Shalom
Stuart Simpson

If their name is Nissan, and they could trace it back, how could you think you could sue them. Get yourself another website name. Nissan Auto company can do better than suing everybody with the Nissan name.
Kerim Kuyumcuyan

Although I think highly of the Nissan Motor Co. for their excellence in producing reliable cars, this sort of legal siege is improper and should not be tolerated.  In basketball, the first man to gain ground over the other, either the defensive player or offensive has bragging rights and the ability to draw a foul (cause the ball to change hands) this case is no different.  Nissan Computer had the name, the domain name and the page in existence first, and the industry is an entirely different one.  Nissan Motors has no case and neither should any other Corporate Giant just because of a financial advantage.
David Wilcox

I am personally sick and tired of the financially strong taking advantage of the finacially weak.  These companies seem to forget what it was like when they first started out.  The internet is one of the biggest and foremost resources for free enterprise.  It has always been a 1st come 1st served place for people to distribute, advertise, promote and share their ideas and concepts with others.  Just because a corporation has more money and higher priced lawyers they shouldn't have the right to steal someone elses ideas.  I think that Nissan car corp. should be forced to back down.  I think that they should also be made to make a formal appology and pay for all court costs and lawyers fees.
Martina Blair

Hi Gang,
I think this type of hijacking is totally wrong.  The name Nissan, Japan is only a made up name from the far east, thought of to sell cars.  Family comes first, NISSAN is a family not a thief of names, if anyone should be sueing it should be the Nissan family for having someone steal their name to sell automobiles.
Stand up for your rights.
Benjamin Aldred

Hi there Nissan computers, I certantly agree with you, Nissan motors are not doing a good job there, BAD IDEA NISSAN MOTORS.
Mikkel B. Nørgaard

To whom this may concern:
Nissan Motor is wrong in it's doing.  It missed the ball to get it's domain name.  If you mess up, you have to be responsible.  Nissan Motor messed up, but they think that money can buy a second chance.  No!!  That's not right.  Enough of squashing the little guy under the weight of currency.  Nissan Motor is wrong.
Myles Catchpole

Nissan Motor Co. - do the right thing - give it up!
Corrine Campbell

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