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The litigous nature of our society is driving us all stark raving mad. Why is it that a large corporation like Nissan motors feels that it can not work with Nissan Computer Corp and come up with a reasonable compromise. I have owned a number of Nissan Motors products -- Altima and now I have an Infiniti QX4 and my lease is up in a few months. I had not made up my mind about another Nissan/Infiniti product, but his settles it -- I won't be leasing another Nissan/ Infiniti. And I will definitely be sharing this information with everyone in my business and personal networks.  Get together guys and work this out and leave the courts out of it.
Nachma Cohn

Came across this site while looking for Nissan cars, though that means nothing because the first site I look at for something always has "dotcom" after it.  However, I found a helpful link to the correct site, then I find out that some lower than low lawyer is trying to sue someone for a domain name?  Please.  His name is Nissan and that means he has no less right to the domain fact, it probably means he should have MORE of a right to it.  Should I not be able to register the domain name "" just because there's some company named "LeeWilson"?  If it's not squatting (which in this case, it isn't), you lose if you snooze.  The funny thing is that I was looking for the Nissan car site because I was seriously considering buying a 2000 Nissan Sentra.  Now I may just stick with the Mazda Protege which was my original choice.
Lee Wilson

From what I have just read it appears that Mr. Nissan has a legal right to use his own name for business purposes. He even used it on the Web before Nissan Motor Company used it. I believe that Nissan in Japanese means just that, Japanese and is not a person's name. Logically I side with Mr. Nissan, however I am no legal expert.  I think I may re-study my interest in Nissan Motors.
Richard P. Cousineau

From the information provided by the Nissan Computer website, Nissan Motor has no right to take legal action against Nissan Computer.  Nissan Motor should not be given special consideration because of their size or popularity.  The Internet is for EVERYONE, not just corporate giants.  If Nissan Motor persists in taking action against Nissan Computer I will boycott their company and urge others to do the same.
Thank you,
Jason King

I am in the process of purchasing a new car and had limited it down to the Nissan Mixima or the Toyota Camry.  I typed in to look at the engine specs and was appalled at what I found instead - not that I didn't get to Nissan Motor but what Nissan Motor Corp is doing.  Where you should be looking is in your IT organization - not to an company that had the foresight to registar THEIR NAME !!!!!!  It sickens me to think that this company will suffer because of bullying from a company our size.  Needless to say, the Toyota will be my choice.  I am in the IT field and will be sure to share this disgusting story with my colleagues.

As a Nissan owner, I find this disgusting. Leave the little guy alone. You should have attempted registering the domain name long ago, but neglected to do so. Either pay this guy or leave him alone. Suing him over this is just bad business and I question your ethics considering his last name is Nissan!
Matt Lawrence

Leave these people alone!!!!!!!  They got on the net before you...Your Fault, Deal with it!   I am a Nissan Frontier owner and do not like big business pushing around a small business owner.   If you think you need this URL, Pay for it. thank you,
Tomas Carrillo

I believe that Nissan motors does not have an exclusive right to your domain name and if they want it, they should offer to buy it from you.  This is because you actually have a reason for having this domain name and make use of it.  I would side with a "big company" if someone just decided to register their trademark or name in order to later sell it to the company at an inflated price.  To me, those people are scum, like saying I was here first so it's mine.
Chatchai Lathitham

It is unconscionable that a law suit can even be FILED in this case.  The man is using his last name as a business name and domain names.  There is absolutely nothing you can do, short of perhaps BUYING the domain names off of him. Perhaps in Japan things are different, and the higher classes can "stomp on" the lower classes, and take what they possess from them, but being that Nissan is this man's last name - you have absolutely no legal means of obtaining his domain/business name.  Your lawyers, I'm sure, are making piles of money for this, while all you get is bad press.  You should think about dropping any pending litigation you have against this man.
James McCue

I was going to sign an Xterra tomorrow, this gets me to think my decision through. I run myself a computer hardware company and I suggest that you keep going at these guys.  The folks at Nissan must feel pretty bad every time someone changes his mind about buying Nissan products because of the law suit.  It will obviously cost them a lot of money. Congratulations for keeping up with them.
Eric Carignan, Canada

I am very disappointed that you would sue someone for that has a legitimate claim to the domain.  You remind me of a school yard bully.  I might reconsider my planned purchase of a new Maxima.
Deborah Butler

I believe you will prevail and you need not worry.  If you can afford to make it through court against them, you will be fine.  This has been going on since domain names have been around.  Name alone is not enough to sue someone for unless it could not possibly be something other than direct and intentional misrepresentation which this site is clearly not. Tell them to kiss yer patooty. I had, and world wide web communications of cherry hill NJ told me they would sue me if I did not take it down.  I wanted it to be an 'e-greeting cards' type site, but the gentleman said he would sue me regardless.  You have to wonder what the world is coming to.  Let me host you, you can put my search box on your site as payment (when I finish it in 6 months :)   ). Be well...
Matt Pierpoint

As far as my opinion, you bought it, you own it, and Nissan Motors has no right to take it.  Nissan Motors only has a right to buy it from you or pay for redirected traffic.  After all, people can find Nissan Motors if they use a search engine.  What's the big deal? Question directed to Nissan Motors.

I think Mr. Nissan is fully justified in using his family name as part of his business.  Although it is a little confusing to the consumers like myself initially who are looking for Nissan motors website.  But that is not Mr. Nissan's fault. Good luck to him and an amicable solution to both the parties involved.
Immad Sadiq

It's really sad to hear that Nissan Motors is so arrogant as to think they have the exclusive right to the name "Nissan" and attempt to stomp on the little guy who's just trying to make a buck in the computer industry.   This sounds a lot like the tactics that Microsoft used that ultimately put them in their current predicament.   My last name happens to be Cox.  It appears that my domain name ( is already taken.   Should I have the right to sue the other company just because we share a name in common and they registered the domain name first?  I should hope not!   Personally, I think if Nissan is willing to PURCHASE for a reasonable amount that both parties can agree to, that would be the best solution.   But if Nissan thinks they can just bully people using the legal system, I'll be cheering for the little guy!
Rick Cox

Mr Nissan.
We applaud you for standing your grounds and hope that you counter sue Nissan Motors.   They have NO business pushing you around, as you have done everything totally legal.   We are in the market of purchasing a new vehicle and have always wanted a Nissan Pathfinder, however after reading this ridicules "law suit" article they have just lost our business.   It looks like Oldsmobile has just received another loyal customer and will be purchasing a 2000 Bravada.   We agree in an earlier e-mail that the advertising and marketing staff should be FIRED for not staying in touch with the way of the world. Good Luck to you and don't back down from the corporate bull****.
Lynda & Paul Lopez

I think Nissan Motor Corp are Crazy, maybe with money they are going to spent in lawyers they could be agree with you.  I don't see any possibility Nissan Motor Corp wins in the sue otherwise I'll sell my Nissan Primera I promise!!!!
Jose Martinez,  Perú

Hey I think Nissan Motor needs to go find better things to do rather then harass people such as yourself. If ever needed, this may be quoted in public.
Mark Miller,  Pasadena, Texas

I would like to say, that this is really sad that the car company would come out and go against you. It just proves how behind the times and computer unsavy these companies really are. Another example is the domain which does NOT go to the popular game company who's site is and this is not at all confusing.  The nice people at have a link to go to idsoftware and nothing else needs to be done. This is what I believe the car company should have done regarding you and your fine company instead of showing pure ignorance in how the company works. I believe a real world example is best. Lets say I'm a billionaire and having a last name of Chapel (of cours hypothetical) sue a church house in the town for using such a name in regarding to their building. This would seem fairly ridiculous but this is what all these cases are like. URLs are NOT brand names or even meant for companies exclusively but rather addresses (just like real world addresses) in order to introduce some order into the internet and help those who wish to find information off of it find what they are looking for. I was planning on going to the Nissan motor's site so I typed in your URL and saw a prominent brand "Nissan Computer Corp." and realized that I had gone to the wrong site and saw also the correct address for the car company above and decided I could just enter that into my address bar and go on but saw the flashing link "Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan computer" and of course out of curiosity clicked on the link and after reading what was there I nearly lost lunch and am proud to say that my current car is not a Nissan. I was interested in knowing the gas mileage of a car I saw in an ad on TV, but after learning of them being bullies I wouldn't buy a car from them if they got a hundred miles to the gallon or drive one even if they paid me. It scares me that the government has made laws that support such stupid behavior by corporate bullies and that this is condoned.  I believe that there should be laws set in place to protect small companies such as yours from these monsters and that the current laws should be reconsidered and most definitely (not even possibly) rewritten or removed. Whatever I could do to help I would gladly do, and I believe that Nissan owes you a public appeal for forgiveness and they should fire the lawyer who decided that it would be a good idea to sue the likes of you. If only you could boycott them effectively until this was resolved. I'm not a lawyer but I would believe that their case has no merit since you are incorporated under Nissan computer and the name is also your trademark and additionally the last name of the president. Good luck and God bless...(I say that you should use these same laws against them and force them to change their company name from your family's name.)
Darren Peterson

Mr. Nissan,
A few months ago I was looking for information on the Pathfinder and like many, typed in and came to your site, which you had a link redirecting me to the correct Nissan site. well, I was narrowing my decisions  down and wanted to refresh my memory on its equipment, and again came to your site, but this time I saw the Nissan V. Nissan banner and read the story, well, needless to say I did not continue to the Nissan site and they are now off my list. I think That Nissan motors is WRONG and should drop this foolish lawsuit. You run a legitimate business for which you advertise on the web. It is clear to anyone visiting that it is NOT a car site, and for folks like me, you are even kind enough to put a redirecting link to the Nissan motors site. Since day one of the internet, it has been a "first come, first serve" type of atmosphere. YOU were here FIRST, NOT Nissan motors, therefore it is your domain name and not theirs, they snoozed and lost.  Mr. Nissan, I want you to know you have my full support, and I will pass this along to all my friends and relatives. Keep fighting, Nissan motors doesn't have an inch of ground to stand on. As a footnote, I am now going to buy a Toyota.
Ben Nelson

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