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To: Nissan Motors
It may interest you to know that I was on the verge of purchasing a new Nissan Pathfinder for my wife when I heard about your abhorant treatment of Nissan Computer Corp. We had test-driven the vehicle twice, made a decision to buy, and had an appointment set up with the dealership. Our bank financing was already in place, and we were excited about the new vehicle.  Having heard of your actions, we discussed the matter, researched the information, and came to a joint decision that we could not, in good conscience, support or patronize any company that would act in such a high-handed and bullying manner. Today, we took delivery of our new Ford Explorer Limited.  We had no use for bullies when we were children in school, and certainly have no use for them now, as adults and consumers.
Here's hoping that ours will not be the only sale that you lose, and that you will learn through your losses that such actions are despised by the people who should matter the most....your current and prospective customers.  It's a pity, really. We quite liked the Pathfinder. But we also love the Explorer. Today's vehicles are all so similar that what brings the customer to the door is his/her faith in your product, your company, and your ethics. In this case, one out of three wasn't enough to keep our business.
Poor show, Nissan....very poor show.
Douglas E. House

Stop picking on small guys like us. You have one less customer now.

I think it is totally imoral of companies like Nissan to get away with trying to steal domain names from legitimate owners. The fact that they are big and powerful means that the law should protect innocent people.
I vow to never buy any Nissan car if they win!
Ken Smith

I think Nissan Motor Corp should have no claim to the Internet domain name NISSAN.COM as long as you are using it for legitmate business purposes.  I deplore this type of corporate piracy and will not sanction the purchase of or speak of Nissan motor cars to anyone if Nissan Motor Corp pursues this action.  Keep up the pressure to maintain your democratic right to any domain name you choose as long as you are not holding the name for profit by inflating the price of release to a major name brand.
Jim Becker

The right to own a business and profit from the sweat of ones brow is a freedom granted to us in the constitution.  Large corporations should not be allowed to bully the little business owner.  Stop the nonsense and show some corporate morality.  With so many domains on the net find anther one.  Make your ad  people work and place a new buzzword totally unique to nissan in our minds.  Quite frankly I'm diappointed in your company and will not buy one of your cars and I'll do everything in my power to dissuade my friends and family as well.
Amy Hovey

Shame on you NISSAN PPL.May God make you go through the same pain,agony and restless nights this poor person must be going through,BIG DEAL if he has registerred the domain before you people.Can you imagine the amount of public support that has gone against you and for the NISSAN COMPUTER guy?  What a loss you have gone through,sheesh!  Look at all these minds that have turned against you,if only you thought of such a major loss,in any case you'd rather have not owned that site cause i personally think its not worth it,if you ask for a sincere comment,he must be doing better business than you could on that site.  We're all with you Nissan Computer,any Financial Back up from my side let me know,we all can do a lot for you,if everyone is thinking the same way i do,only then.  I'll make it sure that i spread the word around about how low can such big business people be!
Shumaila Asad

I m with you 100% m8 how can they do this to you that name is your heritage.  What do they think you going to give that up (as well as business name) screw Nissan motors, it is not there place to try and sew you for your name (are they onestly serious) im with you 100% m8.
Your friend
Lee Adams

I would have thought Nissan Motor Co. was in enough trouble without the PR flare up, of bullying a legitimate domain name owner.  A David & Goliath battle where even if you win you still lose.
Glendon Whelan

Dear Mr. Uzi,
You're agianst a Goliath, and you're little David. Hope you can slay your oponnent with a sling shot. Sony Corporation did that to a friend who lost her restuarant business because her business name was Sony Restuarant. Good luck! And may the God of David be with you.
Ernesto P. Mendoza, M. D.

So there are people in this world with the same name, and this may cause some confusion.  If two people with the same name are in a room and someone calls for them, they may both answer to the call.  When they realize the situation they would probably both find it sort of amusing.  The person that called for them knew who they wanted to respond and most likely would not choose to continue their original plan of action with the other guy.  If someone tries to find Nissan Motor and also finds Nissan Computer do you think their original plan of action would change?  This guy Nissan, is using his own name for a business that has nothing to do with the Nissan Motor Co.  It is absurd to think that he shouldn't be able to do that.
Kenneth B. Steward

Nissan was too late.  Maybe they could buy your domain name for, let us say 100 million dollars or whatever amount you would want.  I'm sure you could live with that.  It is ridiculous that companies that were too slow to get on the net are now complaining about domain name issues.  Good luck.

Its time the multinational companies were stood up to, fight for your rights Nissan Computers!
Gordon Hunt

I think that Nissan Computer has every legal and moral right to use the domain name  There should be no legal avenues to persue.  He got there first and people have same business names every day.  He is not using his site in any connection with yours.  I think this is a waste of time and money. is easy enough to find.  If anything I think you should compensate him for posting a link to you on his site and you should pay him well for it.  It would only attract a few additional people but may be worth it.  Most will go there and see it is not Nissan and will try next.  I did.  And I have never heard of anything about your site.  It all boils down to he got there first.  Try that first.  If it doesn't work out you have many other options besides improperly suing a man for a name.
Brian Andrews

There could be no better proof the new namre resolution system is not based on merit, fair play, or reasonable laws should Nissan Motor Corp succeed.  Undoubtibly, Nissan Motor Corp will win, another example of money buying justice.
Matthew Pegg

This law suit is nuts.  The domain name is owned buy nissan computer company and should stay with them.  Nissan auto should offer to buy the name if it is not for sale then find another name. Nissan auto could also pay for a Nissan auto link on nissan computers web site for customers looking for the auto makers web site.
Nick - Computer Network Engineer

If you did not choose to claim the domain name before another nissan company name did it is improper for you to attempt to seize it.  Since they're business name is approved and they found the domain name open it is their right to clame it.  As you are Nissan Motors it would be more expiedient for you to claim wich would be far more specific and beneficial.
Thank You,
Angela C. Barry

The computer company should keep their name cause the car company only wants the money for themselves and that they get their way of stealing a small company's website for their own purposes and free advertisement over the web.  I am very much hopeing that the Nissan Computer Company wins this dispute, and bestwishes.

nissan computer yes, nissan motor no, what's right is right in the eyes of Allah, there is a higher court than the federal government, 5 %.

I am new to your site, I triped on your site because I was looking for Nissan the car company.  I took the time to read your banner and read the information regarding your site.  While domain name registration has been abused in the past, as an IT Professional myself, you are perfectly in the "right" to use for your business.  The recent changes to the rules governing of domain name registration has definitely pitted individual against Corporation.  Another perfect case is Madonna (the singer) vs. Madonna Hospital (check out the  I can not see how anyone could dispute your right, in this case.  Further, I would suggest that you seek the best legal representation possible to counter-sue for any costs and "hassle" that this may cause you.  I also believe, that if you involve the press in these "David and Gloatith" issues, the public will see this injustice.
Best of luck Mr. Nissan, if Nissan Motors does pursue this matter with you, it just might make me re-evaluate the company I may buy my future car from.
Paul Alves

We here in the U.S.A. say i guess your (s.o.l.) shit outta luck. Nissan, i'ts called first come first served. I work for the U.A.W. and you can stick those rice burners where the rising sun doesn't shine. So go back to Japan and cry about it!!!
Mike Rowe

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