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To: Nissan Motor Company.
I understand why you would like to have the domain name with your name. Apparently the Nissan family thought of a website before your corporate headquarters did. This is unfortunate for you. Have you thought to buy out the Nissan family? I do not know if you have and they have refused or not. I'm a bystander here and not involved in any way. But it seems that you do not have legal claim to the domain name just because you changed your business name in another country - Japan and brought the name here at a later date.  I can tell you that you may win the war, but lose the battle here. If you manage to win in court and take the domain away from the Nissan family, you could lose in your market place. I will boycott your product for the rest of my life.
Mark Ludwig

I'm with you guy's. Although lost, I think you will win. You are not cybersquating and are entitled to the Nissan name. I wish you much success. I was looking at purchasing a Nissan (I had a Datsun in the 80's) but I've reconsidered ( and gee I don't think they can afford to lose a single possible customer but they have, now) I won't be purchasing a Nissan Car or Truck.
Francis Brock

Dear Nissan Motor Co.,
I hope that you realize your efforts in trying to strip Mr. Nissan of the use of his name for a company wholly unrelated to the automobile industry is ridiculous.  Not only are you being unreasonable, but you stand to only hurt yourself in the process.  My current vehicle lease is up in less than a year and I was intending to buy a Nissan Sentra SE (have the CD and got the bag for test driving the car); however, given the morality of your company's methods of business I think I will go to a Honda or Toyota. 
James Golden

This seems clear to me.  Nissan Computer simply registered the domain name first, and it seems a perfectly legal use of the name nissan.  If Nissan Motors wants it, they and Nissan Computer need to come to a finacial agreement (that is if Nissan Computer is willing to sell it).  If not.... then pound sand Nissan Motors.  You were simply beaten to the punch, and just because you are a giant corporation does not give you the right to simply take what you want.  I, and probably large numbers of others will be watching this story on the net, and this negative publicity (and attitude) of Nissan Motors is doing your company harm.  I personally, would not choose to buy a car from a company that is a bully.
Mike Clemens

This is unfair, and I hope you withdraw this suit.  I will not purchase a Nissan unless I learn this suit was dropped.
Max Zarzana

I simply have to ask Nissan Motor Corp. how difficult it really is for someone who has found the NCC site by accident (when looking for the automobile manufacturer) to look again? Really, this is a non-issue. It's not as though NCC is looking to sell the domain name to you.
Michael Bast

I think what you damned bureaucrates are just con-artists and have no reason to be trying to hurt this small company. LET MR. NISSAN BE! I think it is good that he was actually able to get his own computer company started unlike so many others who fail. Then you come along and try to make his company go bankrupt. Hopefully when you read this you will see the error of your ways. Thank you and good day.
Kevin Gilchrist

I pulled up because I just purchased a Nissan truck.  I wanted to look and see what kind of accessories I could purchase for it.  However I found Nissan Computer at this domain name.  This is no big deal to me.  I will just have to try another domain for Nissan Motor Co.  However I do think that it is rediculous that Nissan Motor is sueing Nissan Computer.  This just shows how the big coporate companies in the world think that they can just push whoever they want around.  They have the deep pockets to take this to court.  Nothing irritates me more than big corporate companies thinking they own every thing associated with their name.  Mr Nissan has a right to use his name in any way he chooses.  It is too bad for Nissan Motor.  They should have tried to get the domain first.  Early bird gets the worm.  Good Luck Nissan Computer!!
Steve Partin

It seem totally irrational that a suit of this type is going forward. was started at the time when no one thought the internet was a thing of the future and now the little guy who uses his family name of generations is oppressed by the big giant from Japan who changed his name and wants to bully the world . Outrageous. The courts should uphold the right of Uzi Nissan to keep his domain name , and his family name and force the bully to pay for all the legal expenses and the time to defend this outrageous law suit.
Alvin Stein, MD

We will pray for you and your business...  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul...and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Esmas Family

I think that the person that got the domain name first has the right for it. And not a single person with their mind intact can really think that they have the right to sue anyone for having a domain name. My personal opinion of those that think they have the right to do so is that they are morons.
So to Nissan motors i say give up!
And to Nissan computers i say hang in there!
Roine Edmundsson

I am writing this in protest against the Nissan motor co for trying to hijack Nissan Computer Corps Domain name.  As Nissan has been his Family name for 7 generations and he registered the domain name first I believe that Uzi Nissan has every right to use this domain name for his bussiness, further more as the nissan Motor Company is a Japanese Company they should be using and whoever registerd the global domain name 1st should have the right to keep it.  In addition I don't see how Nissan Computer Corp is getting any unfair advantage by using the name Nissan, as they are selling an entirely different product.  Get real Nissan Motor Co.
Reg W Cooper

Hi, Don't get me wrong, I love Nissan cars but it's only fair this bloke gets to keep his name cos he registered it first.  is nissan Motors cared the first thing they would of done would of been to register the name.

Shame how Nissan can do such a thing. Coming from such a respectful business nation this puts a mark on every business in Japan. Please reverse your actions.

I sincerely hope that the alledged action by your company will cease. Certainly there are times when domains were registered purely to hold at ransom large corporations. If this domain has been in use - as stated for several years , why should you have claim to it ?
Dr. Keith Sinclair

If both companies has the same name, but the first one register the domain... well, thedomain must continue registered to this person.  If Nissan Motors is so interested on the register of it domain.... why they didn't register it before?
Alejandro Ceballos

I am curious why Nissan Motor has not offered to buy out Nissan Computer altogether?  I don't think it's right to take his web site away.  However if you really want it, then ask him nicely, and give him someting in return.
Gajendra Ratnavel

I think that the Domain name belongs to the original purchaser and that Nissan Motors needs to purchase the Domain if they want it or just wait unitl it is available.  I want to get a domain name for my website and if a big company wants the Domain name I feel that they should try to purchase it.  If I don't sell then too bad.
Trey Dee

Dear Nissan Motor Co.
This is outragous, you want to sue this small business because you say they "Nissan Computer Corp." is infringing on your trademark!  I say it should be the other way around, Mr. Nissan of "Nissan Computer Corp." should be suing you "Nissan Motor Co." for using his family name which can be traced back thousands of years before your company was even a twinkling in someones eye!  Put a stop to this assination of a small business and get on with yours!
Allen Munden

It is clear that Nissan Motor Corporation wants to see that they get their maximum exposure and branding possible from people such as myself who went looking for a 'dot-com' after the well-known name.  The site I found was for the computer company, and my first thought was, "These people are really nice to clearly indicate that they're not the car company, and gee - they even gave the URL for the car company!  Not a lot of people would do that..."  Curiosity getting the best of me, I read on and learned of the lawsuit.  What a shame.  The car company, in trying to protect their image, has only soiled it by this frivolous and greedy lawsuit.  Gee, I hope no one sues me who uses my surname as well...
Jason Flynn

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