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Nissan Motor Company's action against Nissan Computer Company are hardly surprising in that, particularly in today's America, might makes right, just by virtue of your size you can push the weaker and smaller aside.  Don't worry about me purchasing a vehicle anytime soon for I try to live in areas that have good rapid transit systems, such as Washington, DC, where I currently live.
I applaud those individuals who, deciding to purchase a vehicle, have decided not to support the predatory actions of Nissan Motors.  What Nissan has forgotten is that they began small. And if they are not careful they will be so again.
Brian McNeal

Hey, why can't you use Nissancars or something? Stop picking on the little guy. I'm disgusted in your treatment of somebody who legitimately owns that URL. I was thinking about buying one of your cars since I am in the market for one but guess what? Your name is been removed from the list of potentials. I sincerely hope you lose your court challenge and will discourage my friends and colleagues from doing business with your extorionate company whenever I get the chance.
Mark Allen

Nissan Motor should take responsibility for their lack of foresight and tardiness in keeping current with technology.  If that is the way they do business, they can forever do without mine.
Tom Clubb

Your suit against Nissan Computer is ridiculous! The computer company is entitled to use the name of it's founder, and therefore to register the and domains.  If you want to register a domain name for yourself, try  Also be advised that if Nissan Motors continues it's harrassment of Nissan Computers I will never again purchase or rent a Nissan product. I am a programmer/webmaster for an Internet startup company, and I'm in my early 40s. I will be buying several vehicles over the next few years. Will any of them be Nissans? Not unless this suit is dropped!
Dan Mahoney

Please, refrain from your tactics.regarding website names. I vote with my $, and now I plan on not purchasing your products.

It is outrageous to suggest that corporate names override individual rights to family, or heritage names.  The world is going mad, when an individual loses the right to use their 'birthright', or, indeed, a name by which they have become known.
Corporations be warned..... if individuals can band together to overthrow governments, you may be the next victims of PEOPLE POWER!!!!
L. Piper

As you know, my name is Jason Thompson. I am sixteen years old, and I live in Seymour, Indiana. As far as I am concerned with this matter, I believe the instigators of this matter at the Nissan Motor Company should be ashamed of themselves. It seems like it is not enough for them to make millions on cars, so they must ROB other SMALLER companies so they can be filthy rich. I want to thank the people suing the Nissan Computer Corporation for being COMMON AMERICANS in the respect that they don't care about anyone other than themselves. In reguards to the Nissan Computer Corporation, I totally support your right to compete with other companies. I was not planning on buying any of your products, but after hearing about this, I may. Good luck to the Nissan Computer Corporation, and God bless!
Jason Thompson

Personally, I think this stinks.  You own a trademark, not a word, not a combination of letters. I might see your concern if anyone were to market cars, or spareparts, using your company name though misleading their customers into possibly believing that the products are authorized by you.  In this case, a person uses his last name "Nissan" to name a company in the computer business. Of course he can see the upcoming advantage in having his company name in a domain name. Now you are trying to sue him for this! Would you sue him for using your trademark as an surname? It is quite embarassing to see a huge company so desperately trying to correct their own fatal mistake in not realizing the upcoming power of the Internet.  You have already lost this.
Leave Mr Nissan alone!
Ivar Alm

Screw Nissan Motors!  Amazing how the corporations think they own a name, even when it's someone's real name.  Maybe Mr. Nissan Should sue Nissan Motors for royalties for the use of his birth name?
Dan Olsen

It's unfortunate when honest hard work is not enough! We have to turn to undermining others to get what we want. In the end only the lawyer win.

Do you have nothing better to do than to rob a decent man of his decent name in this absurd lawsuit. I believe that "he was there first" Does a large corp. of your cailiber have nothing better to do than to pick on the "average citizen" ???
Mrs. A. Benari

If Nissan Motor Co. takes, then it's a theft and is against the law, whatever the judges says. Nissan Motor Co. doesn't have more rights to use it than Nissan Computer Corp. has.
Patrick Ilmander

Give Mr. Nissan a break.  The guy has a legitimate business, and a great family name.  By the way, Mr. Nissan may not have to worry to long, as the Nissan motor company is going down hill anyway, and could be bought.
T. Stanley

Awww..whats the matter nissan wants something the little guy has?? AND NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. like the rest of the working world has to do!!! here is my idea several others suggested the same thing.see im giving credit to others,make the man an offer he cant refuse!if he says no well then i guess your ass out huh??!! if having a web site is so important to nissan then they will figure out a way to get get for ideas,well guess what guys let nissan figure it out them damn selves.their engineers know how to make useless overpriced cars.that the average working man cant afford anyway,then they sure can come up with a name that gets their "junk" noticed.hey nissan leave the little guy alone we all know your "pissed off" beyond believe that some guys last name was around before you were but i hope he wins on the grounds of you slandering his name with your crap products..that would be funny to no far as my car of choice it never was is one way i always went and will continue to get a  life and a clue.and leave the little guys "us the WORKING class" alone thanx from the good old U.S.A.

I would like to support Nissan Computer Corp since its name is used since 7 generations ago.  As for Nissan Motor, I thought you are supposed to be from Japan?  Why are you in USA?
Raymond Chow

Hello Nissan Motor Company
You are not the only Nissan's in the world.  Why don't your call yourself etc?  Taking the matter to court is very American but very unglobal and internet based.  Up the small guy!
way to go Uzi Nissan.
Ken Maclaren

I do not like who do domain name prospecting.  They register domain names and sit on them untill a company needs them and charges htem thousands and thousands of dollars to get there own domain name, becasue they got there first.  In this case Nissan motors company is WRONG!  He got not only got there first he has a better claim to the name than Nissan motor co.  Nissan motor co. is just pissed because unlike the prospectors Nissan computer is not interested in selling.  well get over it.  register some thing else like and leave nissan computers alone.
Brian Mouncer

Let's come to an accepted standard here, with the internet ever increasing in size, there will be more and more of these name/identifier problems. Instead of pulling the blanket to one side, let's come up with a standard that won't misdirect the consumer, would definately bring the automaker to my mind, however, or or even would solve this problem. As for this case, if UZI Nissan was there first, then let Nissan motor make them an offer for purchasing the name, if Uzi does not want to sell, then it should read Sounds simple to me...
S. Vidal

It just doesn't make sence!  If the man's name is Nissan, to me, he has the right to use his name in any venture, reguardless of what Nissan Motors thinks.  I think that Nissan Motors should roll back to the name Datsun, then roll it's over-priced tin-can cars back to Japan.
Ira Jakob

This sounds like the McDonald Corp. lawsuit where they claimed in England/Irland only they and Ronald the clown were entiled to be called McDonald.  The hell with the real members of the clan.
jay hodges

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