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I will not patronize any company that engages in reverse domain hijacking.  Unless Nissan Motor Co. drops this lawsuit, I will never purchase a product from them, and will alert my friends and family to boycott them as well.
Kathleen Duffy

I am appalled at the attempt by Nissan Moters to bankrupt Nissan Computer by dragging it through the courts to hijack their domain name.  Please look my wife Margie and I up in your records.  She has owned / driven a Nissan Sentra every year from 1986 to 2000!  But I guantee that ends this year!  What a terrible action.  Whoever dreamed it up and is in charge of it should be fired.
Jim Robinson

I was looking for information on a Nissan four stroke outboard. After hitting on and reading for a little bit I've decided I don't need to go any further. Best of luck Nissan Computer.
Ian Melhuish

Nissan Motors should drop this lawsuit otherwise they'll lose more money then they'll gain (since the fact that it's totaly unfair probably doesn't bother them) i contet more then 10 people wos letters are quoted on saying they will not buy Nissan cars or trucks some of them were corporate buyers previously planning to buy more then one car ,there are probably many more 100dths perhaps thouthands of people who are aware of this disgusting lawsuit and many more will be soon.
PS.I personaly think that Nisan is a high quality car and might have bought it before i became aware of this lawsuit and still might buy it if you decide to drop it...
Ariel Sokolovsky

I was checking my hotmail messages this morning and received a message concerning the Nissan motor vs Nissan computer dispute.  I never knew that Nissan computer existed but that doesn't matter since they registered their domain name legally and are not in conflict with Nissan motor.  I can not believe that Nissan motors is following through on this absurd lawsuit that is sure to greatly damage the reputation of the corporation.
I was considering purchasing a Nissan Altima and my brother is interested in a Maxima. Well, after reading this story, there is no way that i will purchase any nissan motor corporation product.
Jeremy Klein

Im from Germany and I now have heard about this conflict nissan - nissan. For the German de-domains there would be no chance for the nissan motorcompany against the nissancomputer, because our system of law is different from US. Only in case of selling it for high prices, in case if you are not using the domain by yourself, then there is a chance for the holder of a trademark ta get the domain by free. This is to stop domaingrabbing, not to shoot out a longtime used domain like here form nissan-computers.  In Germany a trademark is guilty for a specified sector, in case of nissanmotors only for cars!, so that in germany there would be no conflict, too!  I wish you the best to fight against this attack, and I will tell much people here around this story, over the net, in newspapers and in my heighbourhood... , and tell them all to protets against nissanmotors all over the world!!!!
Greetings from germany
Jens Warntjen

I support Nissan Computer Corp, and believe their domain name was lawfully obtained in pursuit of a legitimate business purpose, and not to capitalize on the name or perceived public goodwill of Nissan Motor.  Nissan Motor is way out of bounds in this matter, and should be subjected not only to costs but sanctions including attorney fees for pursuing this frivolous suit.
D. F.

Mondialisation, salvage capitalism, taking control over the smalest, bigger profit with less effort, less people, but more exploiteted, hmmm, it's not a surprise that they try to even steal the domain name end the worst, that they have the money and the lawyers to do it.  Nissan Motor, well, not far away from the past, the name of their cars were Datsun, so... Yes! We have to keep together to defend us against the big corporation, to avoid us the abusing attitude from those big companies. I can understand the situation, when some persons have bought several domain names in the past and sell them for the big money, but sometimes, like in the case of Mr Nissan, is something different and we have to fight for justice. We are maybe smaller ones, but we are bigger in the number and we have to use it!
Keep up Mr. Nissan!
Tadek Voyou

Stop harrasing Nissan Computer Corp. you cannot steal their domain name just because you have the money to do it. It is not right! Stop it!
Luis Ventura

It is wrong to reserve URL names just to bilk a buck out of a big company.  I do not believe that large companies should have to pay to use their own trademarked names.  However, in this case it appears that the URL name was legitimately taken by someone with the name "Nissan."  Sorry Nissan Motors, but he has just as much right to his own name as you do, and he got here first.  I hope this case is decided so that it sends an international message to big companies that they cannot bully smaller companies with legitimate claims to a URL name.
Leslie Johnson

There should be no dispute.  Nissan Computer bought the rights to the domain name, they own the domain name.  Its that plain and simple.  Add to that the fact that Nissan Computer is owned by a man whose name is 'Nissan', whose had that name since birth, whose name has survived generations and the situation is even more unbelievable.  Nissan Computer has every right to keep that domain name.  There should be no argument, no lawsuit.
Jay Fleck

First come, first served.  Long live the Nissan Computer Company, its name, AND its domain name.  If Nissan Motors wants the name, pay for it with an offer the rightful owner won't refuse.  Don't usurp it with legal challenges.
Butch Weichert

Well WOO WOO Nissan.  You must be proud. Maybe your car sells are down and you don't have enough for your executives and legal department to do but stomp on others.  Put your energies into lowering the cost of your cars enstead.

This is not acceptable in this US of A.  First come, first served and that is the human descent LAW.  Even if this person had a vision of someday Nissan offering him 1,000,0000 for the domain, that's the way life is.  Like it or not.  There should be laws to protec those that are justified based on their own business name. In this case incorporated in early 1990's. I am disgusted if a peer of jury members would accept this!  This is freedom and protection we all deserve !
Mike Drozdowski

The man's name IS Nissan.  He has a right to use his name for Pete's sake.  Maybe you could buy it from him for acouple million dollars.
Kelly Furlong

I have found this site by accident and I hate to say this but----This is one of the most ridiculous, unfair and unjustified lawsuit I have ever heard about!!!  I strongly suggest that the Nissan Motor Company Stop harrassing small companies and allow them to go on their business. Why don't they use a name as or whatever. On the's web site it is clearly stated that if you are looking for nissan motors please go to or something like that. The owners of that site did not even have to  do that but they were gracious enough to. If this is the case then ANYONE with a name can take anyone to court for a name? OK well then I should sue whosoever owns  for that web name? it does exist, I may be older than the person who owns that website, therefore since I am older than him do I have the right to "STEAL" that name from him? or force him to give it up? IF I do want it THAT badly then my alternative would be to approach the owner and offer to purchase it from him, and since it belongs to him it is his decision to decide if he wants to sell it and what price he wants for it! If I so down and out as not to be able to purchase it then I have to do without it.. Maybe someone with the name of Wendy should decide to take away or file a lawsuit against Wendy's for that name too.. and so should thousands or millions of other companies or individuals, hell let us take everyone to court. Come on people this is ridiculas.......... I do wonder if this has anything to do with anything cultural??? if  so this could become a suddenly blown out of proportional and even become an international issue. these are my thoughts. NISSAN MOTORS Live and let live!!!!
Gary Lee

Get your thieving hands off the rightfull owners domain name.  Just because you are a major corp it does not give you the divine right to act god, now lay off.
David Butler

Nissan Motor Co.
You people are low. How dare you tell someone that they cannot use there own family name because it doesn't fit your business purpose. If what I read is true they were Nissan long before you so back off! Do you really want a bad name in this day and time ?
Dia Brown

I myself owe a small business which has my name included into in. And I don't see some big air plane make coming after me. GET REAL are you that hard up for money money and more money? The lord has blessed you with great wealth. And as easy as your wealth has come, God can take your wealth away. The devil is the prince of greed and I'm certain he is very proud of you. I will pray for all you lost souls that you will find a heart in your body to make you realize that you are in the wrong. Just for the record so there is no confusion....I'm talking to Nissan Motor Co.

I am not sure exactly what is going on here.  but i do know that there should be no legal reason that somebody cant register ANY URL they like.  just because it is your company name shouldnt matter.  if you wanted it, you should have registered it first.  lack of planning on your part is your problem.  if you want the name, buy it.  if he doesnt want to sell it...  TOUGH!  but, leave it alone!  as i see it, the name is his to sell, keep, or destroy. 
hope this got your attention!
Gregory G. Eley

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