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I am outraged by Nissan Motor Co.'s lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. I am not a friend or an acquaintance of interested parties at Nissan Computer Company. I am simply a concerned citizen and a consumer who honors calls for boycotts when large corporations try to weild undue influence in our country. I speak as someone who finds this court battle extremely unfair and unethical. I urge Nissan Motor Co. to discontinue litigation and recognize the ill-will their actions will produce. I will honor a boycott of Nissan Motor Co. products and will urge friends and family members to do the same.
Dani Moore - Pittsboro, NC

I would just like to state my support for Nissan Computer Corp. and the total disgusted for how Nissan Motor is handling this situation.  Nissan Motor was ignorant and slow out of the gate in this instance, and it's a perfect example of large corporations using there deep pockets to undermine the very foundation of a free enterprise system.
I would be very reluctant in the future to purchase a Nissan Motor's product because of the business practices performed here.
Nathan Christoff

Dear Nissan Motor:
Justice is justice.  No fair taking a legitimate business to court for owning a name that you would like to own.  I will NOT purchase any more Nissan Motors vehicles until I know that this ridiculous lawsuit has been withdrawn, and will so encourage everyone I know to do the same.  This may be legal, but it is WRONG on your part, and we ALL know it.
Cecil R Woods

It is discraceful that this sort of thing is happening. The courts must see justice. Good luck to Nissan Computer Corp, the whole world must be behind you. I have never brought a Nissan car and never will.
Dan Parker

Nissan Motors:  How very dishonourable of you.  I do think a company who so plainly disregards honesty, ethics, not to mention plain common sense, can hardly be trusted to manufacture a vehicle I would fell safe about carrying my dog, much less my children or myself. The Nissan Computer Company PLAINLY got the name first -  and what was wrong with NISSANMOTORS or Datsun for that matter)? That's the way domain names work: first come, first serve.  If you had listened to your IT/CIO organisation you'd have gotten the name first, since I feel sure they mentioned this 'internet thing' quite a while ago. It's pretty obvious you think you can just steal the name by challenging Mr. Nissan's company to endless legal battles till he runs out of money.  Shame on you, you are disgusting. This sort of corporate bully behaviour should not be tolerated. I for one will not purchase one of your vehicles and I'll pass this info along to all my friends.
Cathryn Mitchell

I am outraged at this suit & others like it which are all too common. Just because a company like Nissan Motors is infinitely better known than Nissan Computer does not give the motor co exclusive right to the name Nissan! Especially as the computer co is in no way a would-be competitor to Nissan Motor. I'm sure the number of the public that would be confused by the name-similarity would be far too small to adversely affect Nissan Motors or benefit Nissan Computer. Let's get real!
Incidentally, I am a former owner of a Nissan pickup truck that I was extremely happy with. I think the products are excellent & always intended to buy more Nissan products. This lawsuit & the sexual-harassment charges of a few years ago have given me pause. I hope to see more responsible behavior on the part of Nissan Motors before I buy again. Meantime, lay off the computer company, guys.

I think that having a lawsuit for this is unfair and a waste of court time. It's been his family far longer than your corporation's name. Why cant you just ask him nicely to put a link button to the car page instead? if someone really wants to look at your cars, they will go that one extra step.
Jennifer M. Spray

Uzi Nissan has every right to his domain name.  If Nissan Motor wants the name for itself, the only legitimate option it should pursue is to make Uzi an offer he can't refuse.  To try to use force is a good way to build a bad reputation as a bully - a company that cares about power, not people!  Better yet - use some creativity & come up with a great domain name with Nissan in it - like or whatever - offer a prize for people to make suggestions of a good name.  Drop the bully role & find a different & better solution!  Stop squinting - open your eyes - no one likes a poor sport!
A. Stengel - Brooklyn, NY

I think that whoever registers the domain names first should be the one who keeps it as long as they can prove they have even a remote legitimate claim to be able toi use it (ie: it reflects their own name or something) this will help protect small business AND at the same time stop cybersquatters. Both of these things are problems and should be addresses by the courts. May justice and fairness prevail (in this case I think the small Nissan computer should win).
Good Luck!
Bad Nissan Motors, shame on you!!!!
D. Johnson

I fully support the "ownership" of the First Come First Serve basis. If Uzi registered this "without prejudice" to benifit his company, I fully support his "ownership" to the domain names.
M.Akil Walji

I find it disgraceful that a multi-billion dollar company must resort to lawsuits and coercion to have its way.  Either find a solution amenable to both parties or pursue another web site.  Money cannot buy the internet.
Daniel P. Scheid

Nissan computers registered the domain before nissan motors even knew the internet existed!  this is a "no-brainer".
Alan Leibowitz

I am shocked that a company can act-the-bully in this way.  When I have applied for a domain name that someone had already chosen, I had to choose another.  The particularly shocking thing about this case is that the person with the greater right, due to first-come-first-served, is put in the position of having to spend money to defend that right against the big-dollar guys.  This is truly a bully situation.  I do not understand how a judge could even admit such a lawsuit.  This is clearly a misuse of the courts.  Besides, it would be possible to change the name just enough so that there would be no conflict, especially since the current holder is not in a competing business.
Allene Hulett

Nissan Motor, what were you thinking?  Give it up!

This is patently yet another case of a large corporation trying to get its own way by brute force, even when in the wrong. It is a disgrace.
Margaret Solomon

I give my support for this cause.  Get these big corporates to do things for the environment with their cash and not waste it in the courts.  Get a grip Nissan Motor and take the hit that you were about 6 years too late in thinking that you may need one day.  Oh, that seems like a good idea - forward planning and the like.  Go on Nissan Computer Corp.  It is your name and your reputation has been built on it.
Gordon Elliott

No, this is out of line from Nissan Motor Co. They think that just because they are a big company, they will be able to use their weight to influence the courts over who should have the domain names. Nissan Computer Corp. got to it first, and even existed long before Nissan Motor Co., so it should basically be first-come, first-served on this one. I'm sure Nissan Motor Co. can think of a suitable alternative that isn't too inconvenient for users to enter.
James Gordon

Lay off. Accept the fact that someone beat you to your chosen domain name and rethink. I thought you people were supposed to be inscrutible!!!
Paul Moulton

Madonna missed out on her .com, and you missed out on yours. This is simply the product of a large traditional company being too slow on the strategic move to keep up with the rapidly changing e-nvironment.  Nissan Computer Corp. was simply smaller, more agile, and faster, and for that deserves the rights to and .com.  Yes, you are a larger "Nissan", but that doesn't mean that you are the best Nissan, or that you should be the only Nissan.  Perhaps they could simply link to your .com so that users looking for your site would be easily redirected?
Derek Martin - IT Consultant

I support Nissan Computer Corporation in its efforts to keep its registered domain names. Nissan Motor Company could always offer a large sum of money to NCC for the use of one of the domain names... but to initiate a lawsuit is just plain silly.
Ryan A. Rowe - IBM Corporation

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