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Nissan Motor Company,
Drop the lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. They have NOT hijacked your domain name and you know it. Worse for you, the more people like myself know it, we will boycott and badmouth your company and its products. Keep it up and it'll come back to haunt you. Drop the suit and pay damages to Nissan Computer Corp before you have to pay more.
Thank you.
Daniel Stark

Just another example of a poorly written law by congress. It is really outrageous that a group of lawmakers, supposedly our representatives, could allow this type of treatment to small companies and individuals. I was recently involved in such a dispute, and can say with certatinty, that our lawmakers, being lawyers, are certainly looking out for their brothers. This insane treatment of corporations with deep pockets, being able to intimidate the average american, has to stop. I for one will not purchase the Maxima for my wife, that I had intended. It will probably ne a Toyota.
J. Miller

As a member of the concerned public, I for one will not buy automobiles or services from an organization using unfair business tactics. What would they do to me as a consumer if their were some dispute - I assume they'd use the same "I'm bigger than you so I'm going to win" mentality. I think it is a sad display of immoral behavior brought into the corporate arena.
Don Keith

Nissan Computors hang in there.  Now for the auto maker I was looking at an exteria today but for to buy a car from someone that is tring to get money from a computer store that is named after the owner is terrible.  It makes me want to let other friends know and lets me know not to deal with that company for a car.  Any one who makes that much money and wants to sue a computer store for the reason that it has the name Nissan in it is just stupid and greedy.  I wiil give all the support I can to the computer company and for the auto maker I don't plan on buying any cars from someone so low.
Matthew Cooper

I am appaled at nisson motors.  I have in the past been a datsun owner.  Never again.  Your stance to bankrupt nissan computer is contemptable and is a cheap shot toward a gentleman who in no way is a threat to you.
Kate Farmer

I never bought a Datsun, when they were called that. I have not bought, nor even rented, a Nissan since they have been called that. Now, these accidental omissions have become deliberate. I join thousands of others who are appalled at the immoral actions of the Nissan Motor Co. I hope they get thrown out of court.
John Messervy - Melbourne, Australia

I find it odd that the auto manufacturer can not change the web name slightly to resolve this situation.  Why not
Lawrence I. Stern, Esquire

Datsun-Nissan or Goliat?  What do you think about your abuse using your power to bully an small business?.  All legal actions against Nissan Computer Corp. should be stopped immediately.  You can change your name to Nissan- Datsun or Nissan-Goliat to identify you.  Remembet that one sling can be the difference!!!.  You can lost a lot of business.
Maria Sosa

Visa is known for credit card, before it was BankAmericard.  Visa is also a trademark for polyester fabric.  They can both exits just like  er,  maybe nissan can go back to datsun.

This is always the case.The big fish eats the small one.But by doing that, the big fish loses its credibility and respect (good advertisement in this case of the product).

I'm reminded of the story that came out of the 1939 N.Y. World's Fair. There was a little gift stand outside the entrance to the Fairgrounds with a sign above the door "Billy Rose's Gifts". Billy Rose, the entrepeneur who was featuring the Aquacade inside the fairgrounds, sued the owner of the gift shop, attemting to prevent him from using the name. His response was "I was born William Rose, the son of Samuel and Sarah Rose and I don't think Mr. William Rosenberg has any right to prevent me from using my own legally given name in my business. The suit was dropped and the name remained above the entrance to the gift stand.
Dave Goldfarb

Nissan computer corp.has every  right to own that domain name.Where was Nissan Motors when the name was rightfully claimed by another legitimate Nissan??????  They had equal oportunity to register the name and did not so now they are trying to bully Nisssan computer into giving it up.If money wins this case for Nissan Motors there is going to be one hell of revolution going down.
A. K. Stabback

I think what you are doing as a company is disgusting.  I hope that I can give you some of the publicity you deserve from this side of the pond.
Golf Jon

Just like Trademarks & Patents... whomever gets the domain name registered first get it.  Especially in this case, its quite legit for someone with Nissan Computer to get a domain name as Nissan... There are more extensions in the works for domain names... I'm sure Nissan Motor Co would prefer something like or or the like...
Meg Ohm

Hey, people.  This is wrong for you to sue uzi nissan.  You're just sad because he thought of signing up first.  Get over it.  Use or something, ok?   ok.
Kevin W.

To the Nissan Motor Company: Why don't you drop this silly lawsuit?  When I logged onto the Nissan Computer Website, right at the top of the page was a disclaimer stating that they WEREN'T the Nissan Motor Company, and they included your correct web address.  You have no right to exclude another company with the same name as yours.  This is bad publicity for you! Think about it and do what is right.
Nancy Sloane

Ludicrous but scary -- big capital dominating so much of our lives and threatening even the freedom of the net! Please, Nissan pollution company! The revolution is here and you are part of the old industrial era. Bye bye. International solidarity will be the strongest and longest lasting force yet. Economic justice is coming along with organized anarchy! The libertarian socialists are here!
Mr. Call

What's the big deal Nissan Motor?  Was taken by someone bigger and meaner than you?  Leave Nissan Computer Corp. alone.  You may be able to stomp on a few of the little guys, but when we get together we're a lot tougher than you originally thought.
Jennifer Hollars

Nissan Motor should find another Domain name period.
Edward Lim

I think Nissan should stop throwing around it's weight and accept you had the name first.  Even if you didn't have history with it, you STILL own the name-it's not their place to sue you.
Chris Bishop

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