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Mr. Nissan,
I am a third year law student and am in it so I can be able to help people just like you.  I hope you know how many people are standing behind you in this.  My best wishes and prayers are with you!
Nissan Motor Co.,
I had recently been looking into purchasing a Pathfinder, but now I have decided rather to purchase a Jeep.  You have lost many sales because of this frivolous "we're more important" lawsuit, and I will let anyone I know who is interested in purchasing a Nissan vehicle exactly what is going on.
Kate Johnson

Have decided AGAINST a Maxima based on this story...I guess that says it all.
Henri Rick Schuller

I rented a Nissan Maxima GXE while on business and fell in love with the car. I was all set to trade in my BMW328i for this car, and decided to find out more from Nissan Motor Company. I was going to buy one for myself, and one for my future wife.  When I logged onto, I found this site, and read the article.  Nissan Motor Company has just lost a customer. Their abuse of cybersquatting laws, blatent use of their corporate "mega-power" status to bully an honest small business, and total disregard for public relations indicates to me that they are a company I do not wish to do business with Nissan.
Bye-Bye, Nissan
Amar Nath Gupta

Nissan Motor are a bunch of unethical Assholes!  I used to like nissan.  My first car was a Nissan 200SX Turbo Hatchback.  Much of my family also owns nissan vehicles.  After this, I am letting all my relatives know about this wrongfull lawsuit and I will never consider a Nissan again.
Brian Love

This message is so loud and clear!  I can't believe that Nissan Motor Co.  is doing this to begin with!!  If they wanted it they should had been first!  This shows me that my next car or truck will not be from Nissan Motor Co.!!!!  They need to think twice before going on with this!
Cathy Little

I think Nissan Motorwere just too slow and another company with the same name( as in the founder's last name, which incidentally has been around long before nassan cars as it is a jewish month, more than 3000 years old)registered first, so too bad. They have no g-d given right to the name.
Yisroel Selwyn

Just wanted to tell you that Nissan Motors has no damn business sueing you over your FAMILY name. So according to them you should also have to change your name so that it does not conflict with their business. All they want is the domain name that you own....DON'T EVER GIVE IT UP....AND IF YOU EVER DO DECIDE TO GIVE IT UP, LET ME KNOW, I'LL BUY IT SO THE BASTARDS DON'T GET IT!
Robert McClain

I have a website devoted to cyberlaw.  I am just about to make a wave of additions and changes to it.  I will post a link to your site.  My site is located at for the moment, but I will be moving it to shortly, when I feel it is ready for public use.  (It is currently under construction.)  Good luck.  You have a meritorious claim and I hope you can afford to fight these people.  I will visit your sponsors' links regularly to attempt to help out in this regard.
Corey D. Steinberg - Owen Bird, Vancouver

This is a ridiculous and bogus lawsuit and I protest it very much! This gentleman a Mr. Nissan had this domain name for quite a while before Nissan Motor Co. wanted it and it had nothing at all to do with that motor company!
Judi Smith

Based on my understanding of domain registration, I don't think it matters whether Uzi's last name is Nissan or not.  In my opinion he registered the domain, so it's his.  If Nissan Motor wants to possess the registration, they should offer to purchase the name from Mr. Nissan.  I'm sure that in the end N.M.'s legal efforts will be futile.
J. Young

Obviousley Nissan Moters have nothing else better to do with their time and money, Its time they let other business grow and do the work properley.
Kelly love

This whole issue is ridiculous. Why doesn't Nissan Motor leave Mr Nissan and his company alone. There used to be a restaurant in Paris called le Lotus de Nissan - it is a Jewish month and has nothing to do with the car company.
Rabbi Z Solomons

This is a perfect example of the rich trying to get richer and keeping the common man in his place.  The idea of Nissan computer putting Nissan motor out of business because of this is absurd.  The name Nissan of Nissan computer has been around far longer than Nissan Motor. Nissan Computer is the rightful owner of this name or at least has more right to it than Nissan Motor.  Nissan Computer should be allowed to continue using or
Greg Packett

I don't think it's right to take away a Doman just be cause you have the same name & you are not selling or advertising or promoting their products.
Michelle Eytcheson

I am greatly disturbed that you cannot use 'your own name in your com. without being sued.  My opinion is that you should countersue, proving your FAMILY name was NISSAN  before the business of Nissan Motors.  Do they mean you must loose Your NAME!  You may be able to sue them for using "Your name" in America.  Another problem I am having is the type of business is different- so why is there a problem.  I think this is bullying by the big corp.
May the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prove you innocent and may you be blessed from the hands of your enemy.
R. Squire

I oppose this kind of lawsuit & I vote in California.
Will Wren

Gentlemen here we go again. Big Corporate America trying to take over anything and everything they can. Glad to see a small Company take on a giant when they know they are right. I would think Nissan would spend more time trying to build a better Auto.than Honda and not so much time stealing names that no way belong to them. I am firmly behind Nissan Computer Company and hope justice is done in this important issue of what is happeing in Corp.America today.
Jim Kollister

I think that is pretty stupied just because of a use of a name.  If they get away with this that I think that I should sue johnson and johnson.  Because my maiden name is johnson.  See how stupied that sounds.  They need to get a life!!!!
Miranda Hinck

Not only is this case built on shaky legal ground, but it's a waste of everyone's time and money.  It's also disgraceful that a large business would take it upon themselves to sue a small business in this way.  This legal maneuver will have only negative effects for Nissan's bottom line; and the legal implications of this case will no doubt set a precedent against the ability of corporations to fight legitimate "domain hijacking".
Jim Stewart

I would be very interested to keep up to date on the progress of this matter. Might is not necessarily right and history even family history has the right to preservation in the commercial world. We recently moved our computer sourcing from Japan to Tiawan for similar reasons. Good luck.
Bill van Oosten.

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