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I am canceling order for 2001 since I was made aware of your suit.
Jack Williams

If by never purchasing "another" automobile from the Nissan Motor Company again will help you in your struggle,(my choice),then so be it.I am sure that many other people just might happen to feel the same way.
Steven L. Sonich

I just learned of this rediculous lawsuit that Nissan is persuing, I would like to express my dismay at what they are trying to do. If a person can not use their birth name for their domain name I think one of our basic rights have been taken away from us. I can assure you that, as long as this lawsuit remains in court, I will not be buying a Nissan car or truck.
Bill G.

I also own a business and have driven Datsun cars.  I thought that I knew Nissan Motor Company as a serious and honest company but since hearing about their behavoir in this case, I am starting to wonder. I support Nissan Computer and will be following this case and referring to associates. 
I assure you that if they continue that my next cars and trucks will never be a Nissan/Datsun.
Robert Spicer

I am outraged at the news I hear of this name hijacking!  I and my friends have bought Nissans and have loved them but no more!  If a large company like Nissan motors can do this to a small company I want no part of their product.  I may only be one voice, but my voice will be heard and this news related to others I know who will not stand for this.
Thea Mc Clendon

Dear Sirs,
This appears to me to be a clear case of priority. Nobody prevented the Japanese company from registering their domain first; they just didn't think of it. Mr. Nissan did, and if justice prevails, he will keep it. This is not a case of piracy. Mr. Nissan has been using his family name as a corporate name long before Nissan Motors became world famous. He is no competitor, as he is in the computer and not the automobile business. Let us say the Swiss company Brown Boveri Co. - BBC - had registered their name before the British Broadcasting Corporation did. They would certainly keep it. In my opinion, this complaint should have been thrown out of court right away. Mr. Nissan obviously did not register his domain for blackmail purposes; he has as legitimate a right to it as Nissan Motor would have if they had registered first. Now they can do one of two things: Haul in their flag ans stay with, or else try to buy it from Mr. Nissan, who would be a fool to sell. This is no matter for a court of law, it is harrassment of a small corporation by a large one, and Nissan Motors should be fined for trying to bully a legally establisged, if small, corporation.
Best regards
Hermann Evelbauer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Looks to me like he had the name first.  Looks like a big company is trying to take the name rights of a small company.
Peter B. Bergonzi

Let's skip the formalities. I understand your concerns, you want Yet this individual has it, legitimately, and for the right reason. Why should he suffer because your company has his family name. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Nissan used to be called Datsun until about the 1980's. His family has the name Nissan for at least 50 - 100 years. Also, I believe Honda and Lexus, and some other companies don't have their You should be able to have, or
Thank You for your attention
Yossi Sheinfil

To whom this may concern,
I own a small company located in a subberb of Detroit, MI. and we here are experiencing a change of jobs, the cause; technology in our area.  This does great for me as I speak with thousands of clients monthly and I like to chat about what is happening to our communities.  So I just want to thank you (Nissan Motor Corp.) for adding to the things I can talk to my customers about.  You see I like to have repore with my customers and potential customers, I am just that kind of guy.  As I see it, Nissan Motor Corp. is making a giant mistake, people are sick of big business and goverment.  So it seems that Nissan Motor Corp has picked a bad time to try this.

Lay off Uzi Nissan!  The lawsuit against him is making your company look ridiculous.  He has more of a right to the Nissan name than you do!
Eric Scott - Montreal

To whom it may concern:
I believe that Nissan Computer Corp. should not be denied it's right to use its registered internet domain under any circumstnaces.  As long as they registered it and own it, no corporation or any entitry has the right to take it from them.  If Nissan Motors really wants it they should allowed to have only if the current owner agrees to sell it.  Might does not make right.  Current ownership of is clear and unambiguous.  Please do not allow the power of corporations take precedence over law.
Adam Button

If the Nissan's name has been in his family for more then seven generations, long before Nissan Motors was in existence, I think the answer is there.  If Nissan-Corporation failed to see the future and the power of the WWW, and failed to register the Nissan Corporation Domain name prior Nissan Computer Corp, then Nissan Motor Corporation should not have the right to file a lawsuit against the Nissan's family name just because they failed to see the power and the future of the www has to offer.  Good luck, and I do TAKE A STAND.
Jose M. Cirilo

Please rethink your action against Nissan Computers by working with the company to include a link to your corporate site.
Two clicks is better than bad publicity!
John Hughes

I think Nissan Motor Co. is wrong and should drop the lawsuit. If they want the domain so badly, they should offer to buy it, no hijack it.
Jay Tkachuk

I hope it cost them their company, like Phillip Morris. Profit motivated, they have no integrity, virtue or honor. The internet is like the wild west., lets keep it that way. Corporate canons need to be eliminated, lets take away their ability. "Poof"  "Buy American"
dave boyd

Your case against Nissan computers about the domain name is totlly unfair.  He is as entitled as you to use the name, and if he registered it first, that's your bad luck.  Try or .net or nissancars or any other name not already taken.
Tony Starr

I support Nissan Computers because of the man's history of his last name.  Didn't Nissan spawn from Datsun back in the early 1980's?!!!  Nissan, although existing in the Datsun era, is only a recently advertised brand name that doesn't come close to matching Mr. Nissans long established family nomen.  With Nissans weaker sales compared to the other national Japanese brand auto. products, they certainly don't need to be recognized as a greedy, callous company whom people tend to frown upon and cast stigmas at (like Microsoft or Rogers--always sneered at by people).  One last point, rather than Nissan destroying this man's life financially, why not compromise by purchasing Mr. Nissan's rightful name or offer to help promote another new name for Nissan Computers.  Bullying by the biggies does have to stop.  I'm rooting for you, Mr. Nissan and Nissan Computer Corp!
Ian Dyck

Hey leave Nissan Computers alone!  They got there first and ahve a legitimate reason to use - You will find that internet law can only force people to give up domain names if one party has more right to it than the other ie if one was called Nissan, but the one with the domain name, wasnt called Nissan.  However, both companies are called Nissan, so the car company will have to find out the hard way and make up another name.  No point going to court because you will lose, Nissan motors.
alexander taylor

Gee, that begins to smell like some kind of a Nazi terror or the Communist regime. Soon the big corporations will begin to sue people for their looks, for who they are, for their beliefs, perhaps even for being born.  Good luck Mr.Nissan - if there is still a little Justice left in this world, you will win this case!

This dispute seems cut and dry the computer company had gotten permission first and gotten it legally. They also don't seem to be trying to get money from nissan motors as they are just conducting business.
john griffith

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