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I will not make any purchases from Nissan Motor Co.  or parent co.  due to this lawsuit.  I have forwarded news of this lawsuit to 15 friends and ask them to do the same.
Tim Hawkins

I just would like to say you are another "fine" example of corporate America, trying to bully small businesses and throw your weight around.  I have never owned one of your vehicles, and rest assured, as a result of this fiasco, I never will.
Beth Reeh

I am a customer of Nissan Motor products and feel that this man is entitled to the domain name which he legally registered and has held for many years. I have bought nothing but Nissan cars for my last two vehicles (Stanza now Altima) but as a computer professional I cannot morally standby and watch the large corporations try to change the laws to suit their needs.
Andrea Oddo

Dear Nissan Motor Official,
I intend on informing as many people as possible about your SHAMEFUL actions. Hopefully they will also boycott Nissan Motors.  Let Nissan Computer keep their domain name and YOU use another.  You are appearing like a big bully and turning off the entire Internet community.  Spend your time improving your cars, not destroying your public image.
Antoinette McGetrick

It frightens me to think that it is just that simple for a big corporation to legally push your hard earned business aside simply because they are bigger. Shame on Nissan Auto (which i have bought in the past - but will NEVER again!). Count me on your side Uri Nissan.
Jennifer Kannapel

I fully support the endeavors of Nissan Computer Corp. I am against Nissan Motor Co. and there BOGUS lawsuit against Nissan Comp. Corp. YOU DO NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVITY ON THE NAME NISSAN.Nissan’s last name has been in his family for more then seven generations and can be traced back to biblical days (identifying the seventh month in the Jewish calendar), long before Nissan Motors was in existence.
Jay Meehan

I am writing to urge that Nissan Motor Company drop the lawsuit against Nissan Computer Company.
Laura Senturia - Allston, MA

I think it's time the world recognize the importance of a name. I don't mean a domain name. I mean a name. It's a person's identity, no less.  Therefore, while i think business flourishing is essential to the forward moving nature of the world, if a corporation is trying to prevent someone from using his own name as a form of identity on the Internet, whether as a domain name or in any other form, they should reconsider their own priorities...what does it say to the corporation's clients and customers  about the corporation's feelings toward THEIR names and identities??

Dear Sirs;
The domain name issue has been going on, and will continue to go on for as long as the internet is as powerful of a tool as it is.  Many companies have found available domain names, and combined them with their advertising, so that there is no downside to not having the first name they were looking for (see  Why do you feel it is necessary to go through the time and expense of sueing another corporation for their domain name is beyond me.  If was just owned, and not being used it would be a different situation, but in this case there is a company who is actively using the domain name that you desire. Especially considering that the people of Nissan Computer Corp. have taken the time to prominently display your web address at the top of their webpage, it would seem that you are continuing with this lawsuit for purely frivolous reasons. Even if you do win this lawsuit, and steal the domain name from NCC, you'll have received a very large black eye in the eyes of domain name owners you really need the bad press?
Deirdre McGaffey

If Mr Nissan is truly who you say and uses his site to promote his business in a plain and lawful way then the Nissan Motor Corporation cannot touch him either in their Japanese or US capacity.  I write from the UK where our laws are somewhat similar but perhaps less sophisticated, but the laws that govern the situation to which you refer are fairly similar inernationally.  In Japan there are a large number of organisations with the name Fuji or Nippon but they are all allowed to compete even if they are in the same business field so Mr Nissan with his legitimate business (assuming it is legitimate) is entitled to use the name as a domain name. I would suggest that if this conflict is becoming very drawn out it is more a case of fat cat lawyers trying to make as much money as they can from a very simple matter.  The problem with similar cases is where domain names are registered purely for mischievous reasons to make money from large corporations and Mr Nissan would do well to make sure that his domain name does not fall into that category.  If Nissan Computers are bona fide I wish them good luck and copmlete success.

As a speaker of Japanese and Hebrew, I am well aware of the usages of the word Nissan.  Nissan is a hebrew word which predates the usage of the same sounding word in Japanese by over 1000 years.  The word Nissan, is the name of a Jewish calander month and belongs to it's people.  Nissan Motor Corp. has been using this word for much less time and certainly has not legitimate claim to it's sole usage.  Therefore, this lawsuit is absurd and Nissan Motor Corp. needs to learn a little linguistics, history, and tolerance.
Ian Shrallow

I ask Nissan Motor Company to drop its suit against Nissan Computer Company, and to pay Mr. Nissan's expenses to date in this action, which appears to be a frivolous lawsuit brought for the purpose of bankrupting Nissan Computer.  There are situations where might does not make right, and this would seem to be one.  Find another name for your web activities.  You have lost fair and square, and you are cheating to bring this action.
Petur S. Williams

hello.  this is this man's name, so nissan motor has no more right to it than nissan the man.  he had the domain 1st, therefore, he is entitled to it.  thank you very much.
Sheryl Spigel

To: Nissan Motor Co.
If you did not reserve the domain name in time, bugger off! Domains are separate intellectual property and are not related to trademarks and service marks.
Robert M. Smith

I believe that the Nissan Computer Corp. should be allowed to continue using the president's last name 'NISSAN' in his web domain names.  He obviously registered the names legally and before Nissan Motor Co. probably even thought about going on the net.
Petronila Mandeno

The internet world is large enough for Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Computer to coexist in harmony. Why go through the courts ? Nissan Motor Co. won't lose a penny from Nissan Computer's existence on the internet.
Shayel siegel

May Nissan Motors suffer great public humiliation from its frivolous and downright disgusting lawsuit against Nissan Computer.  When will these corporate giants learn to play by the rules? This man was there first! It's as simple as that...and Nissan Motor is crazy if it thinks it can sue for trademark infringement--the man was given this name at birth! Shame on Nissan Motors...shame!
Adam Mandel

In the computer world, domains are occupied by first come first serve, not by the bigger the better. If Nissan Motors wants to occupy the domain occupied by a legimate company ( not a squatter) they should either compensate to satisfaction or arrange an alternative name nissanmotors for example or This issue should not be adjudicated in the US courst since the area involved is not US territory but world wide cyber territory.  Simply being more well known is not reason for preferential domain names.  Surely a company that could bring us the 240z, 300z, and the line of products that represent the culmination of planning, craftsmanship and design could work out a suitable solution.
Scott Silvestry

There are an infinitesimal number of web address available which could incorporate Nissan (the automakers) with their product, without them having to attack and .net. I think it continues to reaffirm my belief that Corporate America is a malevolent and evil foundation.  The fact that this has gone to trial is ridiculous.  Nissan Motors needs to realize they can't say, "jump", and people or our courts will say, "how high?"
Good luck!! (and .net!)
Joe De Lallo

To whom it may concern:
I belive that a company that has been doing business under its owner's name "Nissan," may use that name as a domain name as well as a trade name.  Nissan Motors can take a name such as, or Nissan etc.
Amir Stamper

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