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Dear Nissan Motor Corporation:
I understand that you are suing Mr. Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computer for the use of the domain names and I can understand why you would want those names. However, Mr. Nissan has an obvious and legitimate claim to the name, and he had the foresight to apply for it before you did. The mere fact that you are a large, wealthy corporation does not entitle you to "bulldoze" smaller businesses for your own gain. Please know that I am personally prepared to boycott your products, and to tell all my friends to do the same, over this issue. I don't buy cars from bullies.
(Ms.) B. Cohen - Pikesville, MD USA

Dear Nissan,
Recently, I'm thinking of selling my car and buy a new Nissan Car but now after noticed this story, I think I better look for another brand than Nissan. Disappointing.........
Toyota Car Owner

I was browsing the web to find info on Nissan cars, and went to like your site suggested, but I also checked out the story of Nissan trying to bully you for your domain name. After I saw what corporate jerks they are, I scratched Nissan off the list of automakers I'm willing to buy from.

Hello Mr. Nissan,
I just wanted to drop you a note and wish you good luck against the unreasonable Nissan Motors. As I saw in many of your letters,  I too came by your site looking for info on Nissan... but once I found out about the law suit, I immediately removed the idea of buying a Nissan or Infinity.  I'll be looking into Honda/Acura from this point forward.
Phillip Crane

I am glad that I do not own any Nissan Motors products and will make sure to stay away from them. It is despicable that Nissan Motors is attacking in such a manner. It is reminiscent of Pearl Harbor.
Judah Buchwalter

I came to his site by accident, looking for Nissan cars. After reading about this gentleman's plight, I now have a somewhat unfavorable opinion of Nissan Motors. Just because you are a large corporation, doesn't mean you have the right to a family name that has been around  for generations or a word from any language, as Nissan obviously is. If you continue to bully this man, the press will eventually get a hold of it, and I'm sure the company doesn't like bad press. This man obviously didn't commit cybersquatting, because this is his family name. I think you have no case for court and should leave this man and his company alone.
William Cox

I must admit I am quite astounded by the aggressive, brute force action taken by Nissan Motor Co. over the domain name Uzi Nissan has been using for his business for 6 years now.  It appears to me that Nissan Motor Co. has decided to pick on a small business owner over the use of a domain name, that it essentially lost all rights to in 1994.  Dragging this honest, hard working man and his business through a ridiculously expensive lawsuit is the action of a corporate coward playing the U.S. legal system to "squeeze" him. One thing Nissan Motor Co. can be sure of - neither I nor my family will ever purchase a Nissan Motor Co. product in our lifetimes. That is the only language a corporate coward understands. In the meantime, Mr. Uzi Nissan - may Ha-SHEM deliver you from the hands of your goyim enemies.
Zol zayn mit mazal. I and my family will be saying Tehillim for your speedy alleviation and for justice in your cause.
C. Barreto

Nissan/Datsun owner since the 80's. Really sad to see Nissan Motors engage in this type of bullying. In fact, it bothers me enough that I won't buy another Nissan. There is too close of competition in the auto market (Nissan, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi - they're all basically the same thing) so I wouldn't bat an eye at buying another company's vehicles. Good luck Mr. Nissan, and DON'T give up. I assume you are counter-suing???
Scott Florcsk

I just thought I'd let you know that over the last few years, I've spent over $100,000.00 on Nissan automobiles. However, it pisses me off to see big corporations walk all over companies who simply had better insight to where the future was going! You registered the Domain name, is yours! To support your cause, I'll never buy a new Nissan vehicle again! If I was loaded with $$$, perhaps I could help in a different way. I think Nissan can call their website or something else. It'll show up in Web Search engines just the same way irregardless of what the actual site is called. And people will go to it ultimately by however it is advertised. It's unfortunate that you are financially destroyed because of this ...
Good luck.
Shawn Downey

I do not know Mr. Nissan, however, I find it a prime example of corporate bullying for Nissan Motors to believe that they are the only people in the world to have the right to use a certain word. If Nissan motors thinks that they should have rights to certain domain names, or any other use of the word "Nissan", they should have begun registering such names long ago. Obviously, this is just a case of corporate jealousy, with emphasis on the Lousy part of it.  I was considering purchasing a Nissan vehicle, but will now rethink my decision.
Josh Fowler.


Let me start by saying that I recognize Nissan Motor's concern. BUT, they should of thought of it before the domain was registered.  You beat 'em to the punch and that's their problem... Nissan Motor Co: You've got great vehicles, but you gotta realize - someone beat you to it and until they start slandering you, I would back off.  My loyalty to Nissan products could very easily be swayed by your decision to jump on the bandwagon of large corporation gestapo lawsuit tactics.  Keep in mind:  I'm not the only Nissan owner that surfs the net.
Keith Trumble

I am dismayed and disappointed with the actions of the auto-manufacturer I will never (now) buy a product from again.
Nissan Motor has no moral or legal grounds for their harassment of Nissan Computer. Good luck in maintaining your domain !
Christopher Briggs

Mr. Nissan,
Just thought I would let you know I am thinking of buying a Nissan Vehicle but will consider this lawsuit in my decision making.  Good luck and God Bless!
Matt Snow

With me the shoe is on the other foot.  I'm the little guy with a name that happens to be the same as one that a large corporation USED to have.  Even though they are now Northrop Grumman, and their web page is now, they reserved the domain name first and continue to cybersquat on so I can't use it for my computer consulting services company.   But, because they are the big guys, and I don't have the financial resources to hire a legal team to fight my battle, I just have to deal with the fact that even though they don't use the domain name anymore, they got it first and intend on keeping it.   As long as Nissan Motor Company continues to harass Mr. Nissan with a lawsuit based on a "might makes right" mentality toward the rights to the domain name, I will not be purchasing any Nissan vehicles.  I initially got to this site in search of information on a Pathfinder or Xterra, but now I've changed my mind.  Rather than fighting for something they have no right to, maybe Nissan Motor company should try negotiating with Mr. Nissan and offer him compensation for adding a link to, the Nissan motor companies web page, and referrals from his page.  This could turn a very negative situation to a very positive one for everyone involved, including potential Nissan auto buyers.

I'm from Kfar Saba, Israel, and I want to show my support and probably everybody in Israel. Stay strong, "yashar coah".
Ziv Bren

sounds to me like Nissan Motor Company is in the wrong. Makes me think twice about buying Nissan motor products.

Only thing they can do is offer you a significant monetary amount for the registered domain names.  I would initiate a counter-suit.  This may or may not make you feel better, I was thinking about buying a car from Nissan Motors, but since I read this I am re-considering my options.  Good luck.
Mark Anthony Lang

Dear Nissan Motor Co.
As A customer of yours I would like to tell you that suing a company that cant fight a legal battle through all the appeal courts is unethical. I ask that you drop the case for I may not lease another Nissan.
Yehuda Nakdimen

Nissan Corp:
This family has a right to use their birth name in any manner desired.  They got the name first- period.  Leave them alone and learn from this example.  The new economy is changing everything.
Any future business with Nissan Motor  depends on the outcome of this case
Pat MacDonald

I was trying to look for your new frontier truck and possibly buy one in the future but this has made me look else where....It is stupid to sue, stop and come to some reasonable conclusion...
Laura Butler

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