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To Nissan Motor Corp. -
According to my personal attorney...the name "NISSAN" is in fact a trademark, however..." and" are NOT trademarks nor can they be. You have no case, why waste thousands of dollars on legal fees on a case you can't possibly win?
To Nissan Computer Corp. -
I am sorry to read about your struggle. Rest assured that you have my full support in this case and that your story will be heard by many here in New York, and that my order for a new Pathfinder has been cancelled. I am going to suggest a boycott of Nissan Motor Corp. to all who I know.
Mike Shea

The attempt to coerce a company with proprietary rights to a name, such as Nissan Computer Company is not only an assault against what America stands for, but an assault against the ordinary person. By that, I mean you are attempting to erase an entity that existed before Nissan Motor Company.  I find that repugnant and an affront to our American heritage.
I shall now boycott any and all products produced by Japan proper. 'Nuff said!
Leland Mitchell

The early bird gets the worm.
I hope Nissan Motor Co. looses every penny they put into this law suit. They certainly have a black eye in my book. Wonder if they treat their customers so cavalierly. Guess I'll never know, since I have no desire to ever do business with them. What I will do, though, is spread the word in regards to their bullying tactics.

This kind of lawsuit is unjust and should be thrown out of court.  So much for me ever buying a car from Nissan.
William Katt

Nissan Computer Corp Is Right, My Name Is Also Nissan I Hope You Wont Sue Me.
Nissan Mosko

Nissan Motor Co.:
Shame on you!  Surely a company as large as you are, with as many employees as you have, could think of alternate domain names without trying to hijack a small business.  If you wanted the domain names that Mr. Nissan legally obtained, you simply should've gotten there first--that's the way the high-speed internet information age works.
For you, Mr. Nissan at Nissan Computer Corp., good luck and best wishes in your fight against this ridiculous lawsuit.  I'll be pulling for you all the way.
Amy Brown

I recently received this e-mail from a concered fellow marketer with whom I'm doing a market research issue regarding Nissan (motor company).  After being made well aware of the impropper action that Nissan are taking on your company, we have switched company.  For such a large, prominatly dominant company in world, I found it, so to say, that they are taking the actions of monopolistic bastards, following in the footsteps of microsoft.  There is simply no need for the motor company to engage in such activities.  I propose that you put forth a counter claim.  Nissan is YOUR name and if anything, the motor company should have conducted the relevent market research to ensure that the name Nissan would not bring about such legal matters.  Give the motor company a run for its money and a clear message stating that... "NO CORPORATE GIANT IS GOING TO TAKE ME ON AND WIN!"  My team and I wish you all the best in your fight against the motor company and hope that you 'stick-with-it' to let other smaller business know that they're entitled to rights once that have registered their own names, regardless of whom else is using it.  GOOD LUCK!! :)

Meanness is not good business practice. Nissan should be able to use his own name. Had Nissan Motors been more on the ball they would have registered before Uzi Nissan did. If I were Nissan Motors I'd consider buying Nissan Computer Co. and get the domain name they want that way.
Jonathan Stewart

To Nissan Motor Company,
What you are doing is very wrong, it takes away the write for fair trade, "the getting there first" aspect that encapulates what the whole internet is about.  It reminds me of a famous story I heard, which kept a few of my dreams going, as a want to be millionare from nothing type person.  The one where the guy registered the copywrite to 21st Century Fox, who then paid him loads of money for the writes.  If you have come second, which you obviously have in this case you, should accept it and attempt to work around the problem with Nissan Computer.  I am sure that you could devise a web site of the highest quality, with a diiferent address, but still recognisable and have a link on the the Nissan Computer web page.  Even more so you could employ them to develop and run the address, thus bringing a convenient end to a matter that should never really have gone this far.  I hope my views don't fall on silent ears as it only takes one strong person to stand up and be counted and the rest will follow!!
Mike Roberts - England

I think too many product used name Nissan, and that name can't be monopolied by someone.  Everybody can used whatever name as long as they like and nobody can't stop them.
Dick Steven

I believe that Nissan Motor is unlawfully dragging Nissan Computer through an unnecessary, costly process. I believe that Nissan Computer unquestionably holds the right to the web address. I believe that Nissan Motor can shove an X-Terra up their collective....
David Schaffer

Poor spoil sports NISSAN looks like you dipped out on DATSUN.COM and NISSAN.COM and NET. In fact looks like you missed the internet all together. Poor management and insight is your IT groups lack of insight. I suggest you sack you head of IT and offer to purchase the URL you are after.  Making a law suit out of it is acting like a child in a tantrum. Sorry you missed out. Grow up.
M Atkinson

I must agree that small users must be protected from 'deep pocket' organisations.  Domain name hijacking must stop!
Glenn Curley

What I have just read infuriates me to no end. Corporations with huge amounts of money still manage to try and outmuscle the smaller businesses that so many people fight hard to make successful. Nissan Motor's should try an dbe content with what they have, instead of infringing other business's rights on both a moral and financial scale. One day Nissan Motor's will shrink as all companies do in time and then what goes around will come around.
Edward Hyder

Who made the web site?  That is all I need to say!  Also is there a law that states that you are unable to have a Domain name that matches that of a major company?  If so then when did it come into effect?  I mean come on they are just jealous because someone got it first.  There are other Domain extinsions like,  .org, .net, ....  Why can't they just use the web name or
Come on between 4 to 6 letters longer.
Christopher Wiles

I'm sorry, Nissan Motor Company, but first come, first served. Don't try and steal the rights to a domain name just because you didn't have the foresight to register the name first.  Why not use "" or the like instead? Stop crying about your lost opportunity and move on.
Eric Browning

I think this situation is outrageous!  There should be no dispute, whoever registered the domain first should be the rightful owner regardless.  Take my name for instance, if you go to, you'll wind up at a page that relates to a city in California.  Should I get upset and sue them because their domain name is my first name?  No, that would be ridiculus, just as is this lawsuit!

The use of the "" by Nissan Computer Corp, having the the insight in securing the web address for a valid business incorporated in North Carolina. Should be upheld by the courts. IF Nissan Motor's wanted the  "" address they should have thought of it first and secured it.  I support Nissan Computer Corp's claim to use the "" address.
Charles Smith OSF

Dear Nissan Motor Co.,
I am quite outraged over your even attempting to file a lawsuit of this nature over such an issue and to an organization! For goodness sakes, they are only a computer corporation! What, are you concerned someone won't buy your car and will settle for a computer instead? I think this clearly indicates a greed for money and that this is your solitary purpose.
Dalia Soleimani

Since the facts state that Mr. Nissan has a history regarding his domain name. It is ridiculous to think that Datsun or Nissan motor can have such a claim. Nissan motors which has a marketing team dropped the ball on this one. All the power to nissan computer and if nissan motor desires to own this domain name they should pay the price.
Joe Medina

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