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This is just another case of a big company bulying a small guy. I'm in the market for a new car and was considering the Infiniti I30, but now, I WILL NEVER BUY A NISSAN PRODUCT. Nissan has no right to tell this guy that he doesn't have a right to use his family name for his web site domain. I thought we lived in America and year was 2000, not 1940's in Nazi Germany.
H. T.

I was looking for information on Nissan Motors' vehicles and of course as I always do, I go to and find your web site.  You kindly remind me of the correct link and it's as simple as that, I'm on my merry way.  More power to you.  There loss is only there loss.  It's a free market economy and if the want to offer you a billion gillion dollars to buy the domain, and you choose to sell, that's the way it should be.
To heck with them.  Maybe I want buy a Nissan Motors' car after all.
M. B.

I feel stongly that Nissan Motor should back away from this lawsuit as it is using bullying tactics.  As an aside I have been looking for a new car and one of the considerations was the Maxima. It is nolonger a contender.
A. Goodman

It's a horrible injustice that Nissan automotive is harassing Nissan computer corp for domain rights. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
I will not buy anything from Nissan automotive...
Chris M Rogers

Your attitude in regards to your domain name dispute brings your whole company to shame. Corporate faciscm like this should be stopped. I will never drive a Nissan in my life.
James Beattie

This is a perfect example of how huge corporations feel they can step on smaller less capitalized companies as well as consumers. Although "NISSAN" is not typically an american name, I am sure there are other transplanted individuals living here with that last name. I also sure that some of them have great family traditions and legacies. What right does NISSAN motor company have to restrict how and where they use that name. I support Nissan Computer Company in their efforts would hope that the courts would do the same and prevent you from spending your life savings for something that is already yours.
Paul Fuller - Atlanta, GA

I looked up to look for a car but after reading what Mr. Nissan had to say it's clear his web site existed before Nissan Motor company.  Just because Nissan Motor CO. is very large does not mean they should have the rights to the Domain name NISSIAN.
Brian Wuzler

Drop the lawsuit against Uzi Nissan. and are not the only addresses out there.  Hell, invent your own unique ( and post on the worldest biggest browser. MSN.  If and do not slander your company than drop the lawsuit.  Your company must not be very creative if you have to pick on a small buisness.  It makes me wonder how safe your vehicles are.  Do you put Firestones on your vehicles?
John Davis

Leave the little guys alone. You will only obtain negative response for your actions. What was wrong with your original name?
William Laws

The idea of a lawsuit on these grounds is preposterous.  The problem with these enormous corporations is that the their employees and heads can often hide within their institution, passing the buck whenever necessary.  corporate bureacracy is a veil that they hide behind to use their money with impunity, no matter who they are walking over at the time.  I don't need to go on about how the internet is a bastion of freedom and expression in global society that isn't as close to this ideal as it would like to be.  Nissan Motor's fight here is a clear example of using money and influence to corrupt these ideals.  Corporations are doing everything they can to make the internet follow the same entrenched rules of the rest of the commercial world.
Cam Houser

Nissan Motor:  Get real.  The name belongs to his family.  Leave him alone.  Local dealership will be told and possibaly picketed of the problem.  You are wrong and you should withdraw from any lawsuit.
Mr. Goodegg

Bad, Bad big automotive company.  Nissan cars are no good.  We want Toyotas.
Thomas F. Benefield

While I understand and agree with you that it all seems unfair, there is plenty of precedent for this king of action.  I remember McDonalds suing a small carpet company using the McDonalds family name near the Los Angeles airport.  Clearly it's a different company, but McDonalds has a big name and the court upheld the decision.  The small carpet company had to change names after many years in business.  I am not a lawyer, but I know these cases can take up an awful lot of time and money.  I think you should find a new business name and search thoroughly to be sure you don't find yourself in the same situation.  Then get back to the business of being in business.  I am very sorry this is how business is done, but part of being in business is being able to handle whatever comes your way.
Good luck, and I hope you can still have a Shana Tovah.
Marcia Stein

I firmly believe that Nissan Computer has and will always have the right to and  They registered the domain name years ago when Nissan Motor Company bairly knew what the web was much less had ideas about creating a internet presence.  The internet should be first come first serve when it is dealing with company names and domains.  If both own the copywrite to their name, it shouldn't matter if they're a multinational corporation or a local buisiness.  Corporations already have far too much power over government as it is, don't let them take over the internet as well.
David Rutan

Regarding the Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer web domain issue, my thoughts are that if an individual or company buys the domain site name with no intent to use it but only to capitalize on the sale of that web site domain name, they should be awarded only a reimbursment of said purchase price.
If however, an individual or company is the first concern to purchase a domain name for their website and that name can be shown to legitimately represent that individual or company though historic association or by name lineage, the challenging party should not be awarded ownership against the will of the original owner.
Gene Gerard

I am concerned about the domain name dispute regarding the name Nissan.  This name is a well known Hebrew name that has been legally registered.  Uzi Nissan's business name and logo should not be disputed by Nissan Motor Co. especially since Nissan Motor Co.'s name was Datsun initially.
Miriam Servetter

Nissan Motors, if what i have read is true then you had better think about what you're doing. remember the eternal law of cause and effect...
A member of the universe

This is absolutely ridiculous.  Nissan Motor complaint is unfair and they should drop all their charges.

In my country (The Netherlands) the Chamber of Commerce grants a company name only if it hasn't been claimed before by another party. Exception on this rule is THE USE OF ONE'S OWN SURNAME. If one calls his business with his surname, it only must not be competing, i.e. in the same line of business, with the existing business.  I wonder why countries like Japan and the United States apparently deny someone the use of his own family name, especially if there is no competition involved (one in computers, one in motor cars).
Ernst Sittig

I support your claim that Nissan is an old Hebrew name.  I had a friend in 1950 by the name Nissan .  So  you have all the right to use this name.
Mike Aminov

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