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What Nissan Motor Corp is doing is insane!  It's just another example of what large companies think they can do to the smaller companies and the consumers.  Nissan Motor Corp should pack it up and head back to the drawing board on this one.  Public opinion will bite them in the pocket book.  BOYCOTT NISSAN MOTORS!!!
Richard Ender

I think that the Nissan car company should have NO right or claim for a name which was already taken by another company.  The Nissan Computer company clearly has precedence, and this whole lawsuit is a HUGE PR disaster for Nissan.  I for one will never buy one of their crappy cars, for the sole reason of hearing about this lousy publicity move on their parts.  And I'll urge my friends and family to visit the website to be aware of this mess also.
DJ Michael Angelo

I, like many of the other writers went to the website in hopes of purchasing a car.  I was interested in the MAXIMA, but after hearing about this frivolous lawsuit I will take my business elsewhere.  I hope that Mr. Nissan's computer company is able to prevail, despite the GIANT.  Good Luck.

Oh great, another big company trying to squash a smaller company with no basis except for self greed. Is taken? Yes, by one of your own dealers. Why not take them to court and get the name that most suits your company. Nissan, being a family name should have first rights to the name. I will definitely post this attempt of corperate stealing on all web sites so people will know what Nissan Motor Co. is doing. This is just another reason NOT to buy Nissan cars. Get a life Nissan Motor Co....
Greg Letro

I first wish to offer my sincerest sympathies for the struggles you endure with this troublesome situation, I only wish there was more that I could do financially to help you.  Unfortunately though, I am one of the little guys in this country struggling to make a living like yourself and hence assume the role of target for large international corporations like Nissan Motors Co., who choose to bully smaller, less legally insulated companies and individuals, such as yourself.  The story you have told explains quite succinctly one of the reasons why this great country of ours is slowly withering on the vine.  I say this because I believe that the judicial system in this country has become a laughing stock, allowing people to pursue frivolous lawsuits and in many cases allowing them to reap multi-million dollar rewards, for sych stupid things as spilling hot coffee on themselves. I feel that your situation is similar, instead of spilling hot coffee on themselves, Nissan was too slow witted and did not have the foresight to purchase the domain which you possess and they so utterly envy.  So what do they do? They sue the person who served them the coffee (Nissan Computer Corp. who innocently and intelligently purchased the domain name of doing what is right, which is admitting you made a mistake (spilling coffee on yourself) and paying the consequences.  This is where I am really agitated about Nissan Motor Co.'s conduct because they are fueling the legal machine by sueing you instead of doing what's right.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars to threaten you and to seek legal action against you, they could admit they had a lack of foresight and use that money to attempt to reach an agreement with you in an effort to properly acquire the rights to the domain name by purchasing it, or to just choose a different domain name and move on about their merry corporate marauding way.  I apologize for getting wordy, but these types of stories infuriate me. Rest assured though, I will not be purchasing a new Nissan automobile in the near future.
Jeff Laub

You do not sell computers.  You sell cars.  What you are doing is attempting to financially destroy someone, simply because he uses his personal name for his business.  This case is not about trademark protection.  It is an ill advised attempt preclude everyone on the planet from using the same name.  Nissan was the name of a Jewish month before anyone, in what is now Japan, had a means of transportation, other than depending upon another person's shoulders.  Centuries later it appears you are still attempting to place your weight on others in the name of transportation.
Erno Poll, Esq.

All other things being equal: if Nissan Motors left it this long to secure a domain name then that is a failure of theirs. If an established, legitimate, registered company has registered its domain name that coincidentally is the same as another slower company then that simply proves that there are not enough families or competent marketers on the planet.
Ed. J. Bowers

It is absolutely ludicrous to try to steal a name that has been around longer than you.  They acquired it first and now you want it and because they will not give the name to you, you will now try to take\steal it.  This is wrong and unacceptable!  They have earned what they own and you must not be allowed to ruin them just because they are smaller than you.  Stop, NOW!  You have a good name and a good reputation.  Don't ruin it behind such pettiness.
Geraline Dennis

A person's name is the most honored thing to have.  It does not tarnish, wear out or loose it's value.  Please allow someone who has a history of this name to live in peace.  Where did you get your name from, Nissan Motor Co.?  Why did you change from Datsun?  I much prefered that name better.  Why not change back.  You can not change time or the way existance will be.
Florence Henry

Why don't you all just buy the internet sight with all the money you make you should, be ashamed of yourselves for doing this to your own people.  I'm sure you tried to buy it, but he would not sell it, then you wondered why did we not jump on the band wagon before mister Nissan did.  I guess he was a little ahead of your time, and a little ahead of your minds.

Nissan should leave the small guy alone.  He has had the name longest and should sue Nissan Motor Copr for damages in using his name.
Haydn Piper

Well its a matter of who registered it first. Frankly even if Uzi's Last name was not Nissan and he registered I am on Uzi's side. And Nissan should not stick too much importance on their internet identity.  Uzi's been kind enough to put a disclaimer and point to the Nissan motor site!!  So Nissan Motors, lay off!!
Ajay Chebbi

If Nissan motors was not savvy enough to register the domain or .net, too bad. The rightful owner is Nissan the computer company.  I see stories everyday about big business trying to take away domain names from individuals, and this must stop.
Alec Ziff

People that have appropriate motives for using legitimate means for identifying their businesses should be protected from corporate predators that use their power in abusive ways.  Mankind has historically recognized and respected the right of discovery/creation. To  give way to the bullies would be everybody's lose.
Yuyan Ichari

I believe everyone has the right to there own name, period. It's obvious to me that Nissan Computer Corporation has absolutely no relationship to Nissan Motor Co. This is NOT a case of cyber-squatting. Nissan Motors, it seems to me, had plenty of time and opportunity to register the Domain "" themselves. They apparently chose not to, so someone with an equal right to the name beat them to it. I actually believe that Mr. Nissan has MORE of a right to the name since it IS his name and he was using the name while Nissan Motors was still called Datsun. To me this is a no-brainer. The Domains "" and "" belong to, and should reamin the property of, Mr. Nissan.
Terry Groff

Typical Case of Big Business thinking that they can own anything they want!!  The matter of fact is that they were to bloody slow to register the domain name first!!  So its there Loss!!!  I'm in small business here in Australia and i have been approched by an International Corporation saying that i "Have Stolen" their domain name!!  So Very Untrue!!!  I was just quicker than they were to register the name.  I'm in no way competition to then, i dont sell anything that they do, not even close.  so in closing HARD LUCK NISSAN HARD LUCK!!  You wont battle with smaller businesses anymore!!
Daniel Gold - Australia

How could you possibly deny a human being the use of his own name?  Back off, Nissan Motor Company, and add "MoCo" or "Autos" or "Cars" to your own domain name.
Jeanetta Calhoun

The Japs want to bully a small entrepeneur and should be bullied back.After all they bow and scrape when they need somethng from you and like to kick you when you are down. It seems bad habits die hard since world war II.
Jonathan Meyer

I truly believe that Nissan Computer Corp. has a right to their domain name. The public sees this as an attempt by a major company to destroy Nissan Computer Corp.
Thank you.
Shirley Callendar

Lets keep the internet free and away from the interference of Government/Big Business.  OK?
Bill C.

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