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This lawsuit is frivolous and petty... designed to 'force' a small business into submission through financial ruin.  Surely Nissan Motor's must know that this is not simply an issue regarding Trademark infringement... by their actions, Nissan has raised the hackles of every lover of fair play and decency in the free world who has read Mr. Uzi Nissan's plight.  I am a business owner who knows that if you make one customer happy, he will tell five people of his satisfaction with your company.  If you deal unethically with one customer, he will tell 20 people of his dissatisfaction.  And, keeping in mind the law of 78... it could well be that the Nissan Motor Company has effectively, with this frivolous lawsuit, shot itself in the foot.  I not only will boycott Nissan Motor Company, but will support Mr. Uzi Nissan by clicking on his links to lend fianancial support, but have emailed, called, and written everyone I know to inform them and encourage them to do the same.  It is, again, time for us to draw a line in the sand and stand on the side of justice and fair play.
Surina White

As a small business owner, I find what you are doing to the Nissan Computer Corp. a crime. I will never purchase another Nissan auto as long as you try to bakrupt small businesses that are unfotunate enough to have the same name as you.
L. Belair-Powell

I don't see why Nissan Motor can't register the name  It strikes me as very heavy-handed of Nissan Motor to be putting the squeeze on a small business owner.  I certainly will watch the outcome of this dispute and will modify my auto purchases accordingly.  If Nissan Motor forces Nissan Computer to waste a lot of time and money, I don't see why I should buy a Nissan car.
Abigail Strubel

I am with Nissan Uzi in this whole episode. Nissan Motors should be banned & bycotted by all public.

I think it is deplorable when a man is not allowed to use HIS OWN name to describe his OWN business - internet or not.  He dosn't sell cars, he dosn't make them, he works with computers.  He's not stealing the Nissan auto corporation branding, he dosn't say anything bad about them.. but yet he's forced to pay all this money so big-dumb-company international can flex their muscles.  I test drove a Nissan auto and decided in favour of the Toyota product insted..  Now I'm glad I did.. I would never buy a nissan car knowing how poorly they treat the common, honest man.
Alana Berrington

You have the complete right to use your own name.  If Nissan Motors has an identity crises they could change their name to Datsun.

When UNISYS was constructed back in the 1980's I believe they had to buy out a small Irish computer company which already had that name. I would suggest than Nissan motors should try & do the same with Mr Nissan...
Robert Ward

I think you should just recognise that someone else took your domain name before you did.  That's a shame, but it's the way life is.  If you think there would be some confusion, why don't you just register the name nissanmotorcars, or similar.  Grow up and leave the guy alone.
Jackie McGibbon

A person is entitled to use his own family name to identify his business. It seems to be an arrogant approach from nissan motor corp to try prevent an individual from using his family name to identify his business.
A. D. Sacks

I fully support Nissan Computers rights to the name  It was registered before Nissan Motors attempted to register it, and the founders name was in active trade use far before Datsun renamed itself to Nissan. Nissan motors uses and advertises this site prominently on TV and in print media.  Nissan Computers posts a link to Nissan Motors web site prominently at the TOP of their web page in case of any confusion.  Nissan Computers is acting responsibly and deserves to keep the name.  Nissan motors' resources are far more extensive than Nissan Computer, and, if allowed to continue with litigation, will surely put Nissan Computer out of business.  This type of corporate predation is contrary to a free market economy and I strongly protest Nissan Motors' use of this tactic.  If this letter will help in any defense of Nissan Computer in this action, please feel free to use it as you wish.
Bill Kessler

An absurd lawsuit.  Hopefully money won't be the deciding factor in this case.  I can help a little though.  We'll be buying a car in the next week or so.  We'll have to take a closer look at the Toyotas since the Nissan family of cars is off our list.  Perhaps Nissan Motors should change their name back to Datsun. is probably available.
Steve Mortonson

This is awfull - big corporations think that they can do anything they want, with the help of their lawyers!
Ted Druzhinin

It is scandalous that a corporation with a lot of money, decides to take on a relatively small buisness, just because he's using his family name.  I suggest they use and stop harrasing !
Meir Schreiber

I feel that a person has the right to their name and if their company is under their name, so be it.  Big businesses have run this country too long without regards to small businesses' rights or the individual.
Sharon DeForest

I want to let you know that NISSAN CORP just can't walk all over a small company and expect the public to stay silent.  Losing this case would send the wrong signal to small business owners everywhere.
M. Luque

This is clearly a case of a big corporation trying to take advantage of a small business because they have deeper pockets. These sites ( and have no relationship to Nissan Motor Corp. and do in no way cause this industry giant any harm. Nissan Motor Corp has a web site ( and ( and appear to be availble also so back off "Big Business" this type of power play does more damage to Nissans corporate name than this small business ever could or would if you had not messed with them in the first place. If you persist with this you'll only make a few lawyers a little richer and your corporate image smaller.
Henry F. Lambracht, jr

Stop harassing the poor guy!!!! He has done nothing illegal and you are acting like sore losers and spoiled children.  Grow up and pick on someone your own size.  This whole incident is destroying your public relations and I suggest that you give it up!!!
Yossie Schulman

It is my opinion that the name should stay with the original owner and no large corporation can break him to give it away.
Let David win - Modern  Day  "DAVID  and  GOLIATH"
Yoav Shtainman

This is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard.  Not only is Nissan Computer Corp. not selling automoblies, they also have every right to use because first come first serve.  There are numerous companies out there that are unable to use their company name for their websites because someone else has already obtained the domain name.  Should Nissan Motor Co. be upset?  Yes, they should be kicking themselves for not being on the ball and obtaing the domain name first.   Although they should not be contacting lawyers for their lack of preperation to break into eCommerce.  Nissan Motor Corp., please take a step back and look at how rediculous   you have made your company look.  Open you eyes and realize that it is your companies fault for not purchasing the right to the domain name.  Instead of putting money into a law suit, why not offer the sole and rightful owner money for the rights to the domain name.  Have you ever thought about changing your name back to Datsun?  Wait...  It's already taken....  Maybe you can sue them as well!!!!!
A concerned Nissan owner
Chad Downey

Attention Nissan Motor Co.-
Its a dog eat dog world out there. It seems to me that you are a day late and a dollar short, as the saying goes. Lay off the little guy!
David sabol

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