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I will buy a Nissan computer. I will not buy a Nissan automobile.  If a large corp. like Nissan did not have the brains to register the name Nissan before Mr. Nissan did, too bad for them. If his name was Toyota or Smith and he registered Nissan, that would be another story.  The Supreme Court will overturn the decision and Nissan Auto. will look very bad.
Ian Levine

Dear Sirs:
You have no right to the name  The fact that Nissan Motors is bigger than Nissan Computers is the only reason this case is before the federal court system.  Nissan Computers had the name first, and the fact that you were too slow to catch on to the Internet revolution is no excuse for trying to strongarm the domain name away from a smaller business.  Nissan Motors does NOT have exclusive rights to the name "Nissan".  You REALLY have no right to; .net suffixes are only to be used by Internet Service Providers, and last time I checked, you were not selling Internet connectivity services.  If this has changed, I apologize; please send me literature on your dial-up and DSL rates.
Because of your attempt to take the name away from a smaller company who has done nothing in any way to harm your business, I will no longer buy nor endorse your products; and I will encourage others to do the same.
Good day.
Matthew Pyper - Salt Lake City, UT

Nissan motors i will not buy your products, and do the right thing and withdraw.
joanne marshall

Dear Sir:
I was planning on buying a Nissan car, but after seeing how your company deals with issue's I've changed my mind.  I am looking elsewhere to make my car purchase.
Best regards,
Rob Edwards

Im sure this will never be read, however in the bussiness world. First comes first served. This company beat you to the punch.  So give up please. I will not be purchasing or will my company be buying any of your companies products untill you stop this law suit.
Marc Zeitlin

This reverse DNS name hijacking should be stopped.  Its not fair. We all know these corporate giants will stop at nothing when it comes to whatever they think benefits them. Lets all oppose this unfair business.
Sanjay Gupta

I think this gives new meaning to the term frivolous law suits. By trying to buldoze one small entrepreneur, whose only fault is that he is using his family name for his business, Nissan Motor is not endearing itself to any new customers. Shame on you. Uzi, gmar hatima tova and good luck. You have my moral support.
Greg Pesin

I had no idea about this fight until now.  I support Mr. Uzi Nissan.  All I have to say is people are greedy.  What happened to America?
T. J.

Unfortunately, problems develop.  Nissan Computer is based upon the name of the owner and he should be able to use his own name for his business domain name.  At the same time, Nissan Motor is entitled to protected use of its name.  Nissan Motor, being the larger corporation, should pay a reasonable amount of money to Nissan Computer to pay for all costs of relinquishing  its use of the domain name.  If this does not work, then Nissan Computer should retain an attorney, expert in this kind of law and go for the jugular.
Robert Rivin

I do not hold a law degree, but from the information you have documented on this web site I feel that you have every right to this domain name.  Keep fighting it!  You'll win.
Daniel M. DiRico

Hey Nissan Motor Co.
Why don't you just pay Nissan Computer Corp.  a million dollars or some agreed upon amount for the name.  He was there first.

I am writing to offer one possible out-of-court resolution to this matter.  Mr. Nissan of the Nissan Computer Company obviously owns the rights to the domain names in question.  Mr. Nissan could provide some type of "link" or "jump" to Nissan Motor Company on his websites, for which he could be compensated for.  The compensation should be fair, and should be in my opinion based on the number of times someone is directed or redirected to the Nissan Motor Company website from one of his websites.  He should also receive some type of set up and maintenance fee for providing this service to Nissan Motor Company.
Just a thought.  Feel free to contact me with any comments on this suggestion.
Nick Hankes - Chicago, Illinois

This case is so out of control, I really think this constitues some kind of monopoly power against small companies that don't seem to have a chance to stay online.  I mean if this court is in favor of the Nissan Motor Co. then there should be a rule that the internet is just for fortune 100 companies or big huge corporations...I for one am not proud to see the internet abused and seeing someone just take all the domain names up and then sell them back later for a profit, but Nissan Computer has history and a purpose as a small business.  Anyway good luck to you.
Adam Chase

Unless the Nissan Computer Corp. can be shown to have had malicious intent aiming on capitalizing on the Nissan Motor Co. name prior to registering its name, Nissan Motor Co. needs to drop the suit and realize that, like many other people, their name is a shared label. They would do better to spend their monies making sure it is one of integrity rather than exhibiting an ego-centric focus on being the "only" one of their kind. I doubt sincerely if a consumer searching for cars is going to go to a computer company, or vice-versa.  Names are given for many reasons, and the reason for the Nissan Computer Corp. carrying the name Nissan is as valid as any that the car company could come up with.

Stop this ridiculous lawsuit.  The man had the name first so back off.  To continue will affect your car sales - greed does not sell cars - neither does bullying.
K. Logins

In my opinion Nissan Motor Co. case is without merit. Both parties do have same legal name, acuired legaly and without implication to each other business. Nissan Computer Corp. aquired domain name first. Nissan Motor Co. has no basis for a claim. This is a clasic case of intimidation via size and financial strenght. I hope that California court finds Nissan Motor Co. liable for all the costs and recommends additional finacial penalty. It makes one wonder who is working in Nissan Motor Co. public relations and marketing departments....
Daniel W. Jaworski

I'm according you, You have a right to use your surname forever. Don't worry, Your GOD is strong and He is faithful, Don't forget David King.
Juana Sánchez-Regalado

Dear Nissan,
From what I understand of this dispute, it seems that becuase a company shares your name you are suing them... if they were squatting to sell this name to you at a huge cost - well, that wouldn't be good.  But my understanding is that this is his last name and the name of his computer company... please be careful not to give the internet a bad name and/or use the legal system improperly.  I trust that a big corporation such as yourself will apply good judgement.
Thank you,

This is in regards to the attempts being made by nissan motor co and nissan computer corp:  it looks as tho, in the recent internet boom, large companies such as Nissan, are panicing about there lack of online presents. so what? there abit slow off the mark but nobodies perfect. But bring the legal action, as outlined in the report i have just read, over the registration of and, against a company who clearly was there first is just poor sportmanship. Nissan would certainly not do well at the olympics with that attitude. all your board members at Nissan should hang your heads in shame at this type of poor play. How about buy\lease the name off nissan computer corp like the supposed 'fair company' that you portrait your company to be, it aint rocket science. poor play Nissan, poor play. Just find another name, mabye 
Max Robson

Pay the man for the name if you want it that bad... you people are out of line on this one...
Joseph Mitchell

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