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I have decided to purchase a Toyota 4-runner instead of a pathfinder because of your harassment of Mr. Nissan.  I think it is obvious that he has been using the domain name and has done so because it is his last name.  It is your own fault that you failed to register the name.
Bjorn Warloe

As an owner of an Internet Technology firm, I can relate to all of the issues (and opportunities) that the Internet has created.  You have just as much right to the domain name as Nissan Motors.  I was looking to upgrade my '94 Altima to a new Maxima... now, I'll be looking at other brands in support of your cause.
Good Luck!
Chris Crespi

Mr. Nissan should clearly be able to use his family name as the domain name for his website. I have always been able to find Nissan Motor's website. I am a loyal Nissan owner, with a Pathfinder and Altima currently. My son drives my old Nissan pickup.  Pressuring Mr. Nissan to abandon his family name is abhorrent, and may change my decision to purchase another Nissan.

Well, I must say that I'm truly disappointed.  I was so excited about the new Nissan Frontier.  But now seeing as how petty Nissan Motors can be, well, I think I'll be reconsidering.  I know the frustration of trying to register for a domain name and finding out that someone else has it already, but that's no excuse to use big corporate power to oppress a small business.

Hey its first come first serve. If Nissan wanted there auto name on there web site they should have made it before this guy did. Maybe I should take all the people in the world to court with the same name as i have.  In 1998 I went to my local Nissan dealer here in Nashville TN and got the worst service I have ever seen in my life. Well they made me so mad I went less then one mile up the road to the ford dealership. I bought a 1998 Ford Contour. Up until this point I have had 7 Nissans. My last being my second Maxima. well I was gonna go back to Nissan (different dealership), but after seeing this, no wonder your dealerships are bad, look at the example your setting for them. Well the same Ford dealership will be delivering my now second Ford Contour (2001)to me this Saturday. I will never and I will never let anyone I know buy a car from Nissan again. Besides this mess your in your cars are way over priced anyways.

This lawsuit is absolutely outrageous. Mr Uzi Nissan you have our support. I live in Kenya and I shall spread the word in this part of the world. Nissan Motor Co. is not worth doing business with.
Ken Anyama, Kenya

I recently read an article in Car & Driver magazine giving the Nissan Sentra a very high rating.  Wanting to know more about the car, I logged on to  I was surprised to see that I had connected to a computer dealer in North Carolina, and it was apparent that they did not sell cars. It took only moments to get connected to, where I found the
info I wanted. I contacted a dealership by E-mail, negotiated a deal, and completed the purchase of a 2000 Nissan Sentra SE within two days.  I am very pleased with the car, the dealer, and being able to complete the entire transaction over the Internet.  What outrages me, however, is the action Nissan Motor Company is taking against a small, independent business man who had the insight to join the Internet revolution years before Nissan Motor Company woke up.  Nissan makes fine automobiles (I have owned several over the years, including two turbo 300ZX, a 200SX, a truck, and a Stanza). Your
current market thrust is clearly at the Internet-savvy generation.  You should therefore know the rules of Cyberspace, namely, first-come, first-served.  Mr. Nissan has legitimate claim to his domain names.  Your action is clearly a malicious attempt to use litigation as a sword, instead of a  shield, to bully Mr. Nissan into submission.  It will not be well received by the car-buying public, including myself, who have enough sense of fair play to never purchase another Nissan Motor  Company product, no matter how good it is.
Bill Tabb - President, Spectrum Digital, Inc.

Preposterous.  Legal intimidation is the stuff of cowards, not the mark of a good corporate citizen.  Nissan Motor Company needs to save face and not shame their country.  I am glad it is not an American car company resorting to this foolishness.  This could end up costing Nissan Motors considerable good will.  Can you see the headlines?  "Foreign Goliath Automaker Threatens David Computer Business".  How absurd.  Stay put, Uzi!  Keep a firm stance, don't let their big swords fool you.  The law of reciprocity is on your side, you will get what is rightfully yours!
Joe Austin

Tonight I logged in to to check out the Sentra.  Instead, I found a little computer company that's being sued by Nissan Motor Company. After reading what was happening to this little American company, I became very upset with Nissan Motor Company.  I will not buy a car from a company that will bully a little company that has the right to keep their domain name.  By the way, I would be just as enraged if it had been Ford, Pontiac, or Saturn.  You have lost a sale, I'm going to buy an Acura.
Denise Perrotta

This is silly.... Nissan should just suck it up and lay off this guy. They lost out on the Domain name and that is it. Up until now I have always thought of Nissan as a cool car company (I have owned three of their cars.. the third being an Xterra) but hearing something like this makes me sick. If I had known about this prior to my purchase, I probably would have bought a 4Runner. Really!!!
Lame Lame Lame!!!!!
David Hollis

To both parties,
First of all I own a Nissan Altima and I love it, its a great car. Second, You can't sue somebody for using their last name.  I'm sure it was his last name before Nissan existed, especially because it is a word in Hebrew and is used in Arabic.  I work in the industry I'm quite sure its whoever legally reserves the domain name first. Sorry Nissan Motor company, I have a Nissan Altima 1997 myself and I love my Nissan but trust me it was his last name, it was a Hebrew word and Arabic word, before Nissan became a corporate bully.  Just be nice to this Nissan Computer Company and you can afford to pay him to have a great big link to your actual web site.  Maybe if you're nice Nissan Motor Co. he will do it for free for you.
Yours Sincerely,
James Barnett - Someone who knows Hebrew and a bit of Arabic.

keep fighting those dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am from Beruit, Lebanon and my last name has been past on for many generations so I know how you feel. GOOD LUCK,  YOUR FRIEND

What is going on in regards to the name Nissan, I have reservations about purchasing any Nissan motor company products.  I sincerely hope that you win your fight. I'm sick of those big bastards picking on the little guys. Nissan is off my list of cars I would purchase.
Greg S

I came to your website by mistake -- I was actually looking for the Nissan Motors site -- but "Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer" caught my eye, so I clicked on the link.  I just wanted to say that I sympathize with your plight and sincerely hope that you prevail.  For what it's worth, I am shopping for a new car and will now remove Nissan from my list of potential selections, and I will notify Nissan that I am doing this. Best wishes,
Jeff Peake

I stumbled upon this site the same way many others have - I was  looking for the Nissan Motor web site. The text at the top of the site that clearly indicates how to get to the Nissan Motor site is more than adequate. In about 5 months, I'll be out of grad school and ready to buy a new car. It was going to be a Sentra SE, but if this legal nonsense doesn't end, I will purchase a Civic instead.  To Nissan Motor:  If you want people interested in your cars, tell your legal department to cool it.  Harassing someone because they have the gall to have the same last name as your company is ridiculous.  You lost the race to get When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Why not use some sort of joint internet advertising campaign that instills in everyone's mind the difference between the two companies' URLs?
Scott M. Ogrin

Nissan Computer has every right to the domain  In the fast paced world of the internet, you snooze-you lose.  I believe you have gone above and beyond the call of duty (and done the right thing) by giving a link to Nissan motors.  I was considering a Nissan Frontier but I think I will go buy an F-150 instead.  Good luck Nissan Comp.
Jason Boyd

Mr. Nissan:
I understand the need for a company to have the associations needed for them to do business. Being in the computer industry myself, I see the Internet explosion for business on a daily basis. I also have registered some domain names for myself in an attempt to promote myself and my hobbies as well as business. I have not been able to use my own family name as you have and I can tell you that it distresses me greatly. I had the opportunity to do so several years ago and did not, and I do not feel that it is right or moral to try and sue anyone for that domain name. I hesitated and it is my loss. Now I am currently driving a Honda that my wife owned prior to our marriage and that car is due for replacement at this time, I was looking to purchase a Nissan as I had in the past. I can assure you of one thing Mr. Nissan, I will not be purchasing or traveling to work in one of their cars and I will bring this to everyone's attention that I can. I feel that they are the big kid on the block trying bully the smaller kid.  Best of luck to you sir. I hope that the courts see things in your favor.
Michael Nolan

To Nissan Motor Corp:
As a faithful buyer of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles it is upsetting to see this petty attempt to claim a domain name that rightfully belongs to Nissan Computer Corp. Deal with it, and feel fortunate that Nissan Computer Corp. has provided the Nissan Motor domain name on their homepage. It bothers me to know that part of the cost a pay for a future Nissan will be to pay for this law suit, enough so that I may purchase a non-Nissan vehicle.
Nihar Shah

I was surprised in my quest to buy a new car to find your site and to read about your plight. Too bad all this trouble is occurring just because you are being yourself. It's no big deal for me to fix the URL to get to Nissan Motor, and I am now discouraged from buying another Nissan.
Tonya Amankwatia

I have never seen such a gross misuse of power in many years of business. Additionally and disturbingly, it potentially seems to be a total waste of valuable Court time and resources and I find it irksome that a renowned corporation such as Nissan, should choose to adopt such an arogant strategy. Ladies & Gentlemen of Nissan; please stop and think for a moment and ask yourselves (without the "benefit" of counsel), what are you doing here and why are you doing it.  Then ask yourselves what are you likely to gain/lose by taking this action. Assuming you are seasoned business people like me, the course of action you should take is quite clear - drop this frivolous suit and do so now.
Adrian T. Beatty

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